Adler Building, School of Journalism

About the Building Coordinators Network


To facilitate effective working relationships and communication between building users and facilities service providers to achieve more effective service levels.


  • As a partner with Facilities Management, the Building Coordinator serves as a facilitator and communicator on all matters related to building operation and management that require close coordination between the building users and Facilities Management.

  • Facilities Management is responsible for providing a physical environment that promotes University excellence.

  • Representing the users and occupants of the building, the Building Coordinator serves as a resource on matters related to facilities services.

  • The Building Coordinator serves as the primary contact with Facilities Management for all matters related to the condition, utilization and operation of the building.

The successful building coordinator

  • Cares about the physical environment of the building and campus

  • Works in or near the building

  • Is familiar with the building, its occupants, special departmental equipment, lab and research areas

  • Is familiar with the building entrances, access controls, doors and key systems

  • Works closely with occupants and users to communicate needs, requests, and recommendations to Facilities Management

  • Works closely with Facilities Management to communicate, to occupants and users, information related to building outages, construction disruptions, energy curtailments, energy conservation measures, and other matters related to building operation

  • Is familiar with the various services provided by Facilities Management

  • Is interested in learning and understanding University procedures related to facilities operations and management

  • Provides feedback to Facilities Management to assist in improving services

the role of facilities management

Provides information and tools enabling building coordinators to effectively perform their building coordinator duties

  • Provides advanced information related to policy and service level changes

  • Provides a deeper level of understanding of FM services and procedures

  • Notifies building coordinators, in advance, of events, activities or work orders that may interrupt or disrupt normal building function and operation

  • Invites the building coordinator to pre-construction meetings for new projects and renovation that pertain to the building

  • Invites the building coordinator to regularly scheduled information and training sessions with peer coordinators

  • Shares building condition assessments and space utilization reports with building coordinators