Adler Building, School of Journalism

Past Meeting Agendas and Presentations

2017 Building Coordinator series

April 2017
BC Updates and Presentations- Hancher Footbridge, Building Curtailment, Moving Crew Updates, and Move-Out
Catlett Residence Hall - Rory Wiebel
Feature Presentation: FM Budget Plan, Don Guckert
Watch recorded video of the meeting

March 2017
BC Updates- Power Outage Update (slides 4-6), Water System Update (slide 7), Recyclemania Contest (slides 8-9), Recycling Contamination (slides 10-18)
Feature Presentation: Risk Management - Josey Bathke and Kerry Campbell (slides 19-36)
PowerPoint Presentation
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February 2017
BC Updates - BC Survey Results, Water Notification Update, UI Budget Video, RecycleMania Contest, Dockside Recycling and Waste, Building Operating Systems: Professor K. W. Therm

January 2017
BC Updates and "Big Data’s Impact on Facilities Operations," by Don Guckert and Katie Rossman
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2016 building coordinator series

December 2016:  
Updates and Main Campus Steam Capacity

November 2016:
BC Updates and Feature Presentation on Building Maintenance Operations

October 2016:   
Preparing for Winter: Snow Removal

September 2016:  Energy Saving Measures (Steam Trap Maintenance)
"University of Iowa Utilities Systems and Steam Traps," Doug Litwiller

August 2016:    Custodial Services
BC Updates, August 31, 2016
Custodial Services Updates

July 2016:
BC Updates
Sustainable Landscape Practices: Reducing Chemicals

June 2016:
Work Control Center & On-Call, After-Hours, Emergency Response Program

May 2016:   
ADA & Universal Design at the UI Campus
BC Updates - Area Road Construction, Outdoor Events, Campus Food Trucks, Pallet
"Universal Design for the Physical Environment," Brian Manternach

April 2016
Work Control Center and AiM Upgrade

March 30, 2016
BC Meeting Agenda
"Governance Report Summary Feb 2016 and Budget Implications," Don Guckert, Associate VP, Facilities Management
"RecycleMania 2016," George McCrory and Tara Slade, Office of Sustainability
"Campus Project Updates and Road & Gateway Project Updates," Chet Wieland, Design & Construction
"Campus Energy Updates - Biofuels, Environmental Compliance," Ben Anderson, Power Plant
"Emerald Ash Borer - Campus Strategy," Andy Dahl and Shawn Fitzpatrick, Landscape Services


Febrauary 2015
BC Meeting Agenda, November 9, 2015
November 9, 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
Building Operations (.pdf), presented by Lou Galante, associate director of Building Operations

April 15, 2015

Agenda: BC Meeting Agenda, April 15, 2015
Presentations: BC PowerPoint Presentation, April 15, 2015 (.pdf) 
Space Planning & Management Presentation, Joe Bilotta (.pdf)

Around Campus and spring photos

2014 fall building coordinators meeting

Agenda:       BC Meeting Agenda Dec. 1, 2014
BC PowerPoint Presentations, Dec. 1, 2014 (.pdf)

Past presentations

April 2012

PowerPoint Presentations April 2012

April 18, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation and Agenda (.pdf)

april 1, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation and Agenda (.pdf)

november 24, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)

March 26, 2009

PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)

May 13, 2008

PowerPoint Presentation
(downloadable version < 1mb)

Facilities Condition Assessment Presentation
(downloadable version < 1mb)

October 29, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation
(downloadable version; approx. 2mb)

April 13, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation
(downloadable version; approx. 5mb)

January 12, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation
(downloadable version; approx. 15mb)

November 2, 2006

PowerPoint Presentation
(downloadable version; approx. 34mb)