The Campus Master Plan recommends that the Pentacrest be recognized and
protected as the most significant character-defining feature of the campus plan. Proposed structures close to the Pentacrest should be similar in height and
massing but no higher than the Pentacrest structures. Future master planning
efforts in this area focus on renewal, both for the buildings and the landscape. Renovations have been completed on Schaeffer Hall and the Old Capitol and will
soon be in progress for MacLean Hall, Jessup Hall, and Macbride Hall. The
emphasis is in modernizing the buildings and establishing a new level of care
for the grounds.
Pentacrest front lawn

Pentacrest Aerial

Pentacrest Map

  The Pentacrest
is the historic heart of the University
  and the central focal point of the main campus. It is
  the location of five major campus buildings: Old Capitol,   Schaeffer Hall, MacLean Hall, Macbride Hall, and
  Jessup Hall
. Early Iowa Citians considered this crest
   to be the most beautiful vista overlooking the Iowa River.


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