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The Art in State Buildings Program was enacted to provide for the inclusion of fine arts in state building construction projects in cooperation with the Iowa Arts Council.  The requirement states that one-half of one percent of a project's total cost shall be expended for the acquisition, preparation, and installation of fine arts elements in and around state buildings in areas regularly accessible to the general public.

The Art on Campus Committee is made up of the Director of the Museum of Art and the Director of Facilities Management who serve as permanent voting members of the committee.  In addition, committee membership includes representatives from the School of Art and Art History, the Campus Planning Committee, the University of Iowa Foundation, the Museum of Art, and four at-large members, appointed by the chair, drawn from academic departments campus wide, and/or from the Iowa City area community.   The committee advises on program policy, procedure, and development, and approves public art on campus projects.

Art on Campus Committee Members

Lauren Lessing (Director, Museum of Art)
Don Guckert (Associate Vice President & Director, Facilities Management)
Steve McGuire (School of Art and Art History Representative)
Paul Hanley (Campus Planning Committee Representative)
Cory Gundlach (Museum of Art Representative)
Jeffrey Liebermann (UI Foundation Representative)
Clara Baldus (Faculty-At-Large)
Betsy Boyd (Community-At-Large)

Shawn Albaugh Kleppe
(Program Coordinator)
Pamela White
(Program Consultant)