Custodial Training

UI Facilities Management custodians complete these training programs:

  • Custodial Technical Training
  • Custodial Orientation
  • Group Leader Orientation

Our custodial technical training program provides basic custodial training to all custodians within Facilities Management while allowing for focus on skills used in particular areas. New staff training is done in the work area with Supervisors and Group Leaders. Training includes 2 parts to each unit of instruction:

  • Chapter review—Each chapter in the Training Manual is reviewed. The manual includes appendices, forms, and certifications.

  • Hands-on training—New staff learn the skills by actually working with a Group Leader or Supervisor on-the-job. New staff watch the Group Leader or Supervisor demonstrate the skill, then they perform the skill and receive feedback on what they’ve done correctly and what they can do to improve.

The last unit covers material particular to the Custodian’s area. It may include tests on equipment used in that area, special cleaning procedures, or types of cleaning done only in that area. As a Custodian transfers from area to another, the training folder moves to the new Supervisor. The Supervisor reviews the training that needs to be done for the new area.

All time spent in training (reviewing the chapters and hands-on are recorded on the daily time sheets as code TT. 

For information contact:
Darlene Clausen 335-5115