Campus Walkway

Campus Walkway

Landscape Services

Landscape Services maintains a campus with over 150 years of history and memories for faculty, staff, students and alumni. The campus, with trees hundreds of years old, spaces that have been home to generations of students, staff and faculty, areas where traditions were born and grounds that have seen history is under the care and guidance of the Landscape Services team. Mission

The Landscape Services team is responsible for:

  • lawn maintenance
  • design, installation and maintenance of landscape
  • walkways
  • open spaces
  • trees

Our team includes people with forestry, horticultural and landscape design backgrounds, who are dedicated to maintaining this campus legacy and building for future generations.

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The University of Iowa was designated the state of Iowa's first Tree Campus USA institution in 2009 for its excellence in tree stewardship, as well as student and community involvement in its efforts. The campus has achieved this status each year since.

american conifer society reference gardens

The University of Iowa has two gardens on its grounds that have been accepted into the ACS Conifer Reference Garden Program in 2014. Read more...

1. The first Reference Garden, the Dancer’s Garden, is the crown jewel of the University’s conifer collections. The garden’s location had long been the only green space between two buildings on the main campus; Halsey Hall and Calvin Hall. The landscape services team began by removing all the groundcover and seven trees. They graded the slope slightly and then four semi-loads of limestone were installed by the in-house installation crew. This stone accentuates the topography of the site and gives the illusion that these “bluffs” have always been here. Tucked in amongst the plantings is a waterfall, which, during the summer, draws both avian and human visitors. The garden includes 16 genera (four of which are deciduous), comprising 31 species, and 46 cultivars. Notable specimens include a Picea mariana ‘Wellspire’ that was salvaged from the original conifer garden that was flooded in 2008 and a Pinus strobus witch’s broom found on campus.

Dancer's Garden

2. The second Reference Garden is the Eckstein Medical Research Building (EMRB) Garden. This area surrounds a popular patio outside a café. The landscape services team removed the overgrown plantings, built raised beds and installed a variety of conifers to make a secret garden “room” which now draws people in to explore. This garden features 17 genera (four of which are deciduous), 36 species and 40 cultivars. Notable plants include a large Ginkgo ‘Spring Grove’ and a Picea polita originally planted at another site in 2002.

Eckstein Garden

These two projects have had a very positive impact on the campus landscape and always seem to be included on campus tours. The University of Iowa has hosted the Iowa Garden Rendezvous as well as the Big Ten Grounds Managers tour at these gardens, and the university is now starting to incorporate more and more species of conifers throughout the campus landscape, now approaching 80 different species planted throughout.

Awards, articles and Photo Gallery

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landscape planning TOOLS AND studies

Campus Tree Inventory and Map (web application)
Campus Tree Protection Policy, June 1998 (pdf)
Campus Urban Forest Study, May 1996 (pdf) 
 Iowa River Corridor Landscape Master Plan 1995 (pdf)

Landscape Services Administrative Staff

Lynne Finn
Associate Director, Campus Services
Building & Landscape Services (319)-335-5098

Scott Gritsch
Manager, Landscape Services
Building & Landscape Services (319) 384-0748

Shawn Fitzpatrick
Assistant Manager, Landscape Services
Building & Landscape Services (319) 335-5107