University of Iowa Pentacrest

University of Iowa Pentacrest

Work Control Center

Please read the following information about requesting service. If you are familiar with this process, go to FM Reqs.

Emergency Service, contact (319) 335-5071 (24 hrs/day, 7 days/week)

The Work Control Center processes emergency and non-emergency maintenance, custodial, and landscape service requests for Building & Landscape Services.

Daily Service Requests (Non-emergency)

  • ventilation repair
  • heating repair
  • central air conditioning repair
  • plumbing/water service or repair
  • elevator repair (please CALL the Work Control Center)
  • roof repair
  • lock and access repairs
  • repair or replace light fixtures and bulbs
  • custodial service or request

Contact us:

Phone: 319-335-5071
Fax: 319-335-6498

Departmental Service Requests

Some requests require a departmental work order, FM Req, to pay for the special service. Examples of special services include:

  • special cleaning requests
  • moving services
  • replacing window air conditioners
  • key duplication and change of lock function
  • rekeying
  • hanging pictures
  • installing whiteboards
  • installing window blinds

To create an FM Req to pay for one of these departmental services, go to the FM Reqs site linked below and choose "Request Service".

FM Reqs is an online requisition system that initiates a work order and/or payment for service:

  1. Click on the FM Reqs link below which will take you to the login page
  2. Log into the FM Reqs site using your University HawkID and login
  3. Complete the "Request Service" form to route your request through the Work Control Center for work to be completed by Building & Landscape Services

FM REQ button

For assistance with this process, please contact: Work Control Center, 335-5071

Not what you were looking for?

To initiate a request for a project such as interior design, construction or renovation, please start at the Planning, Design & Construction Request a Project web page.

Work Control Center Staff

Stephanie Rourke
Tel: 335-5074

Supervisor, Customer Services

Lisa Allen
Tel: 335-5073

Clerk IV

Chris Heick
Tel: 335-5071

Clerk IV

Jennifer Olson
Tel: 335-6435

Clerk IV

Wanda Magruder
Tel: 335-5046

Clerk IV


"We do our best to ensure your needs are met in the most efficient and satisfactory manner," Shirley Long, Manager, Work Control Center (24 years of service).