Flood Status

Status of facilities, flood 2014

The following facilities are closed due to flood protection measures or flooding on the University of Iowa campus.
Closure Map

Closed facilities

  1. REOPENED Mayflower Residence Hall (originally closed on 07/01/14)
  2. REOPENED Beckwith Boathouse (originally closed 07/01/14)
  3. REOPENED FRIDAY, AUG 15 IMU footbridge (closed 07/02/14)
  4. REOPENED Art Building West (closed 07/03/14)
  5. REOPENED WEDNESDAY, AUG 13 Hancher footbridge (closed 07/02/14)
  6. ALL FLEET SERVICES RENTAL VEHICLE OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES ARE BACK TO ORIGINAL LOCATION NEAR USB AND THE CAMBUS MAINTENANCE FACILITY. Fleet Services rental vehicle operations temporarily moved into the Cambus Maintenance facility on Madison St. The administrative offices temporarily moved into the lower level of the IMU Parking Ramp. (relocated 07/02/14)

Closed parking lots

  1. REOPENED Parking lot 42
  2. REOPENED IMU metered lot, lot on south side of IMU (closed 07/02/14)

Major road or sidewalk closures affecting UI traffic

  1. Sidewalks traveling north and south along both sides of Iowa River (closed 07/2014)
  2. REOPENED 07/03/14-Southbound lane of Riverside Dr., near Art Building West for construction of a flood wall
  3. REOPENED 07/29/14 -All four lanes of Dubuque Street are open

For additional information about the flood, visit the UI's Emergency Information web site.

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