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University of Iowa Named Buildings

The following individuals have made a significant impact on the University of Iowa and have been honored with a facility in their name. Please click on the building link to read more about the achievements of the honoree, view their picture, and learn more about the building.

*This listing includes major named UI buildings, additions and athletics facilities; however, it does not include interior spaces, centers or programs at this time.

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Adler, Philip D.

Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building

Ashton, Bill and Jim

Ashton Cross Country Course

Banks, Duane

Duane Banks Field

Becker, Samuel L.

Becker Communication Studies Building

Beckwith, P. Sue

Beckwith Boathouse

Bedell, Tom

Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory

Blank, Myron and Jacqueline

Blank Honors Center

Bowen, Howard R.

Bowen Science Building

Bowman, John G.

Bowman House

Boyd, Willard L.

Boyd Law Building

Boyd, Willard L. and Susan

Boyd Tower

Brechler, Paul W.

Brechler Press Box

Burge, Adelaide

Burge Hall

Currier, Amos and Celia

Currier Hall

Calvin,  Samuel

Calvin Hall

Carver, Roy J.

Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Carver, Roy J.

Carver Pavilion

Carver, Roy J. and Lucille A.

Carver Biomedical Research Building

Carver, Lucille A.

Carver River Research and Education Facility

Catlett, Elizabeth

Catlett Residence Hall

Colloton, John W.

Colloton Pavilion

Cretzmeyer, Francis

Cretzmeyer Track

Danforth, William H.

Danforth Chapel

Daum, Kate

Daum Hall

Dey, Peter A.

Dey House

Eckstein, John

Eckstein Medical Research Building

Finkbine, W.O.

Finkbine Golf Course

Gerdin, Russell and Ann

Gerdin Athletic Learning Center

Gerdin, Russell and Ann

Hope Lodge

Gilmore, Eugene A.

Gilmore Hall

Grant, Dr. Christine

Grant Field

Halsey,  Elizabeth

Halsey Hall

Hancher, Virgil

Hancher Auditorium and Replacement

Hansen, Stew and LeNore

Hansen Football Performance Center

Hardin, Dr. Robert

Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Hoak Family, James M.

Hoak Family Golf Complex

Jacobson, Richard O.

Jacobson Football Operations Building

Jessup, Walter

Jessup Hall

Johnson, Wendell

Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center

Karro, Roy G.

Karro Athletic Hall of Fame

Kinnick, Nile

Kinnick Stadium

Levitt, Richard and Jeanne

Levitt Center for University Advancement

Lindquist, Everet F.

Lindquist Center

Macbride, Thomas Huston

Macbride Hall

George E. MacLean

MacLean Hall

Mossman, Ray B.

Mossman Business Services Building

Pappajohn, John

Pappajohn Business Building

Pappajohn, John

Pappajohn Pavilion

Pappajohn, John and Mary

Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

Pappajohn, John and Mary

Pappajohn Education Center

Robert L. Pearl

Pearl Softball Field

Pomerantz Family

Pomerantz Center

Pomerantz, Marvin

Pomerantz Family Pavilion

Petersen, Mary Louise  

Petersen Residence Hall

Phillips, Chester A.

Phillips Hall

Rienow, Robert

Rienow Hall

Schaeffer, Charles A.   

Schaeffer Hall

Seashore, Carl  

Seashore Hall

Seamans, Gary and Camille

Seamans Center

Schaeffer, Glen

Schaeffer Library and Archives

Shambaugh, Benjamin F.

Shambaugh House

Slater, Fred "Duke"

Slater Hall

Spence, Kenneth

Spence Labs

Stanley, Carrie

Stanley Hall

Stanley, C. Maxwell

Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory

Stead, Jerre and Mary Joy

Stead Family Children's Hospital

Stuit, Dewey

   Stuit Hall

Trowbridge, Arthur C.

Trowbridge Hall

Van Allen, James

Van Allen Hall

Voxman, Himie

Voxman Music Building