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University Services Building

Design & Construction

Who We Are

Design & Construction leads a comprehensive and cooperative approach to planning, design and construction excellence in creating a campus that is consistent with the University of Iowa’s status as one of the nation’s leading academic/research institutions.  We support the University’s mission to educate, provide community service and encourage environmental sustainability.

Design & Construction takes an integrated and sustainable approach to the long-term planning and management of the University of Iowa’s land, buildings, and historic resources.  We facilitate and support decision making processes of Senior Administration and the Board of Regents in these areas.

Design & Construction Organization Chart
Staff Listing
Capital Projects Processes

What We Do

As land use professionals, we provide the University of Iowa community with state of the art expertise in the following areas:

  • Land Use Master Planning
  • Architectural Design Management
  • Historic and Environmental Preservation
  • Sustainability Practices (14 LEED-accredited professionals on staff)

Our department goals

  • Innovation in the form of strategic thinking and creative practice to improve the results of the planning and capital development processes.
  • Creation of effective communication networks with various constituents, both internal and external, as The University of Iowa’s responsible liaison in physical design and planning.
  • Dedication to meeting projects schedules and project budgets.
  • Continuous commitment to advance and maintain an institutional stewardship role.