University of Iowa Pentacrest

University of Iowa Pentacrest

Campus Planning Committee

About Us

The Campus Planning Committee is an eleven-person chartered committee charged with advising the University President on issues concerning the physical campus, its facilities, its uses and its continued development.

This web site has been commissioned by the committee in order to provide the campus with information about the committee's activities. All the meetings posted here are open to the public, and the committee encourages all members of the University to attend. For those unable to make it to the meetings, minutes will be posted to this site as soon as they become available.

If you would like more information about the committee, please contact Shawn Albaugh Kleppe by email or by calling 335-1205.

Committee Members

Faculty Representatives

Jerry Anthony (Term Expires 2014)
John Beldon Scott (Term Expires 2015)
Barbara Mooney (Term Expires 2016)
Larry Robertson (Term Expires 2014)
Claire Sponsler (Term Expires 2015)

Staff Representatives

Shalla Ashworth (Term Expires 2014)
Chris Lake (Term Expires 2015)
Jessica Bristow (Term Expires 2016)

Student Representatives

Laura Miller (Term Expires 2014)
Charlie Nichols (Term Expires 2014)
Caitlin Shanahan (Term Expires 2014)

Administrative Liaisons

Don Guckert and Rod Lehnertz
2013-14 Committee Chair: John Beldon Scott