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Energy Control Center and Building Dashboards

The Energy Control Center serves as a centralized location for the monitoring, analysis, and efficient dispatching of utility systems. The Energy Control Center provides live displays of energy usage and real-time predictions of energy consumption in all buildings for energy engineers and building occupants. Energy Control Center

Energy Hawks

The UI Energy Hawks identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and reducing energy costs in general education funded buildings. Energy Hawks

"Energy Smart" Classroom Scheduling Program

The UI “energy smart scheduling” program reduces energy consumption and costs by compacting classroom scheduling and consolidating the use of occupied space on campus. Results show that electrical consumption during a 10-week pilot period in summer 2014 was reduced by an average of 19 percent in three buildings - English Philosophy Building (EPB), Maclean Hall (MLH) and Pomerantz Center (PC).  The pilot will expand to six buildings during the summer of 2015. Fewer classes are held in the afternoons when it costs more to cool buildings. Evening classes and events will not be scheduled in some buildings to reduce energy use. Read more....

Net Negative Energy Growth

The University will employ energy conservation efforts, build LEED facilities, modernize aged building systems and nurture a culture of conservation to reach the goal of consuming less energy on campus in 2020 than consumed in 2010 despite project growth.

Building Dashboards

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