A Plan for the Future

coal free by 2025 announcement

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld announced Feb. 20, 2017 that the University of Iowa campus will be coal-free by 2025. “In 2025, we expect to have diminished our reliance on coal to the point it is no longer included in our fuel portfolio. The university will continue to pursue and develop its innovative renewable energy program to ensure an abundant supply of alternative sources of energy. It’s the right choice for our students and our campus, and it’s the surest path to an energy-secure future.”
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where we are going
2020 vision - the university of iowa's sustainability targets

The University of Iowa recently established a set of seven ambitious sustainability targets, 2020 Vision, to be met on or before December 31, 2020. These new targets were announced by UI President Sally Mason on Friday, October 29, 2010.

Facilities Management plays an integral role in helping the University of Iowa to meet several of these targets, including the following:

40% Renewable Energy by 2020
The University will pursue a renewable energy supply strategy that will optimize long-term supply and fuel price stability, while preserving an ability to test and take advantage of other potential fuels in order to achieve the goal of 40% renewable energy consumption on the campus by 2020.

Become a Net Negative Energy Consumer PomerantzPavillion
The UI will employ energy conservation efforts, build LEED facilities, modernize aged building systems and nurture a culture of conservation to reach the goal of consuming less energy on campus in 2020 than consumed in 2010 despite projected growth.

Green Our Energy Portfolio
The UI will pursue a renewable energy supply strategy that optimizes long-term supply and fuel price stability while preserving an ability to test and take advantage of other potential fuels. As we transition from our dependency on fossil fuels, we will increase the use of biomass, geothermal, solar, wind, landfill gas, gasification and other emerging energy alternatives to achieve the goal of 40% renewable energy consumption on the campus by 2020.

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where we started

UI Energy Plan
The University of Iowa introduced its first Energy Conservation and Management Plan in February 2007. Targets for 10 percent energy reduction and 15 percent renewable energy usage were set to be met by 2013. During an Earth Day 2008 address, President Sally Mason challenged the University to move those target dates up to 2010. The targets were as follows:

Ten Percent Energy Reduction
To offset future rising energy costs, the UI set the goal of reducing energy consumption, over a Fiscal Year 2003 baseline, by 10%. The University of Iowa will reduce energy consumption by an average of 10% per square foot per degree-day by July 1, 2013 for the aggregate of all major, owned, conditioned buildings built prior to 2003.

Fifteen percent Renewable Energy
To maintain its national leadership in the use of alternative and sustainable energy, by July 1, 2013, 15% of all energy consumed by the UI campus will be produced from renewable sources. Renewable energy sources include solar, wind, waste management, resource recovery

With the establishment of the UI Office of Sustainability and an increased campus-wide commitment to sustainability, a new vision for sustainability was created which became 2020 Vision.