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Key and Access Services

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Key Shop Services

The Key Services Shop is responsible for the security of all building doors, safes, vaults, files and locking devices, and grand master key systems through installation, maintenance and repair of a wide range of locking mechanisms and related hardware.

  • Installation & repair of door closers and hardware
  • Key check out
  • Key orders-new and duplications
  • Lock changes and repairs
  • Master-key system design
  • Room signage installation
Access Services

The Access Services Shop is responsible for the security of all electronic access-controlled doors and associated electronic components, and managing the video surveillance platform and intrusion systems integrated with electronic access to CCTV.

  • Card reader repair
  • Accessible door operators
  • Door holders
Key & Access Staff
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Jan Bringman

Manager                                                                          Key Shop

Key and Access Services                                               Locksmiths

319-335-5283                                                                  319-335-5128


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200 South Capitol Street


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Basement of the Old Capitol Mall next to

University of Iowa Public Safety.