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Key & Access Services - FAQs

Key and Access Services


How do I request a key?

Complete a Purchase Requisition.  For temporary checkout, please come to Key & Access Services to obtain a checkout form.  Then, have it signed with proper authorization - contact your building coordinator for authorizer information.  You can also use the FM@YourService customer service portal.

Who approves key requests?

Department heads and building coordinators; Red tag keys - ITS - George Stumpf, Brad O'Meara

Where do I pick up my keys?

Pick up your keys at Key & Access Services, 806 University Capitol Centre (basement).  We do not send keys in the mail, only authorized staff may pick up keys.

How do I request electronic card access?

Request electronic access via your building coordinator or administrative software operator.

How do I return keys?

Return keys before the expiration date to Key & Access Services. Do not send keys in the mail.

Whom do I notify for lost, stolen, or unreturned keys?

Contact Department of Public Safety/University Police.

What do I do if I find keys or building access cards?

Please bring the key or access card to Key & Access Services, 806 UCC.

Can I have a key duplicated?

Key & Access Services only duplicates university keys with proper authorization.  Facilities Management employees can turn in damaged keys for replacement with required requisition

What do I do if my new key does not work?

Contact Key & Access Services.

What do I do with obsolete keys?

Turn in to Key & Access Services.

How do I request lock changes?

Make a request through the FM@YourService customer service portal.

Can a contractor request a key?

Not without proper authorization from the authority hiring the contractor's work.