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Don Guckert
Associate Vice President & Director, Facilities Management

Welcome to Facilities Management

Message from the Associate Vice President

My staff and I welcome your interest in Facilities Management and the many services we provide on the University of Iowa campus. On this web site, you can learn about some of the programs and reference materials that the Facilities Management staff members have developed. Whether you are interested in working with us or you are interested in learning more about Facilities Management, I hope you find the information on this web site useful.

Facilities Management has over 600 dedicated employees, who coordinate campus master planning, manage design and construction, maintain and clean the buildings and the grounds, and provide utilities and energy management. Thanks to our talented workforce, UI’s Facilities Management has been nationally recognized and locally appreciated. However, it does not end there; we have embraced an ambitious set of strategic initiatives that address the challenges ahead of us.

This is an exciting time to be on our campus. The work we perform and the services we provide have enormous impact on the University of Iowa experience. Our continuing goal is to make the on-campus experience a special one for those who live, learn, work and visit every day.

We welcome your questions and comments concerning Facilities Management. Feel free to direct inquiries to a specific department, director, the webmaster, or to me at

Don Guckert
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management


Jeri King
Assistant Director, Facilities Management
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Dave Jackson
Assistant Director, Facilities Management
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Wendy Moorehead
Strategic Communications Manager

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Administrative Services Specialist
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