The University of Iowa

Alerts that May Affect You

Madison Street Construction Overview and Map

Madison Street construction map, updated April 2021

Current and upcoming University of Iowa and City of Iowa City construction projects will impact pedestrian and vehicle travel along portions of Madison street, now through fall 2021.


Lane Reductions and Closures


Bus Routes

Bus stops and routes will be adjusted. Motorists and pedestrians should be alert for traffic control signs when traveling through construction zones.


Projects in the Area

UI projects in the area include Madison Street utility improvements and the Stanley Museum of Art construction.


Project Schedules and Updates

Project schedules are being coordinated between the UI and the City of Iowa City, however, schedules are subject to change due to weather and other factors.

Closures and updates for UI projects will be published as they become available on the Access & Construction Alerts page

Alternate travel routes are encouraged throughout the duration of the projects.

For further details and dates, see the map to the left.


Iowa City Asphalt Resurfacing Construction Overview and Map

Map of scope of 2021 Iowa City Asphalt Resurfacing project

Beginning May 2021, the City of Iowa City will begin an asphalt resurfacing project that will affect portions of North Clinton Street, Jefferson Street, South Dubuque Street Dearborn Street, Rohret Road, and 1st Avenue and chip sealing on Taft Avenue.

In addition to the resurfacing, the project includes storm intake and curb and gutter repairs as needed, replacement of curb ramps to meet current ADA standards, and new pavement markings.

Please see the map to the left for more detailed information.

For more information and contact, please visit the City of Iowa City project page.