The University of Iowa

Calm Waters

Ekstrand art at Beckwith Boathouse
glass-tile mosaic
42' x 5'

Calm Waters, the 4,600-glass tile mosaic in the P. Sue Beckwith, M.D., Boathouse, exemplifies how artwork, designed for a specific place and group of individuals, can drastically change one's visual environment. The Art in State Buildings Committee commissioned this piece for the new boathouse's tank room where the University of Iowa rowers spend long hours practicing. The work was inspired by the scenery surrounding the Beckwith Boathouse and the dynamic sport itself. Ekstrand sought to convey the beauty of the sport through rhythmic repetition of patterns, shapes and colors. She wanted to create an exciting atmosphere that could serve as inspiration for the Iowa rowers. Ekstrand herself has been a rower for over 20 years, and is familiar with the rhythms and movements associated with the sport.

Calm Waters was assembled in her Des Moines studio and was transported to Iowa City in 100 two-inch square pieces before assemblage.

Rebecca Ekstrand seeks to alter and enhance the environment with her public artworks through exploring mediums, colors, landscapes and forms. She has studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois and the Sir John Cass School of Fine Arts in London, England.