Key & Access Services


Q. How do I request a key?
A. Complete a Purchase Requisition. For temporary checkout, please come to the Key Shop, to obtain a checkout form. Then have it signed with proper authorization-contact your building coordinator for authorizer information. You can also use the FM@YourService customer service portal.

Q. Who approves key requests?
A. Department heads and Building Coordinators; Red tag keys-ITS-George Stumpf, Brad O’Marra

Q. Where do I pick up my keys?
A. Pick up your keys at the Key Shop, 806 University Capitol Centre (basement). We do not send keys in the mail, only authorized staff may pick up keys.

Q. How do I request electronic card access?
A. Request electronic access via your Building Coordinator or administrative software operator. 

Q. How do I return keys?
A. Return keys before expiration date to the Key Shop. Do not send keys in the mail.

Q. Whom do I notify for lost, stolen or unreturned keys?
A. Contact Department of Public Safety/University Police.

Q. What do I do if I find keys or building access cards?
A. Please bring the key or access card to Key & Access Services, 806 UCC.

Q. Can I have a key duplicated?
A. The Key Shop only duplicates university keys with proper authorization. Facilities Management employees can turn in damaged keys for replacement with required requisition.

Q. What do I do if my new key does not work?
A. Contact the Key Shop.

Q. What do I do with obsolete keys?
A. Turn into the Key Shop.

Q. How do I request lock changes?
A. Make a request through Work Control by using FM Reqs or the FM@YourService customer service portal .

Q. Can a contractor request a key?
A. Not without proper authorization from the authority hiring the contractors work.