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FM's COVID-19 Operational Response

Current Status of FM's COVID-19 Response

Official UI Coronavirus updates:

Facilities Management is focused on supporting the UI's essential services and critical operations while continuing to serve the campus.  Operations may be quickly adjusted in response to COVID-19. For emergency service, 24/7, call 319-335-5071For all other requests, use the FM@YourService portal.

 To browse a number of Questions and Answers regarding FM and fall reopening, visit the "Ask a COVID-19 Question" button at FM@YourService.


  • The Building Attendant Program is planned to continue through the 2021 spring semester. 
  • Custodial cleaning schedules and protocols will remain the same through the 2021 spring semester.
  • Landscape services will continue to function as usual: snow and ice removal, tree work, road and sidewalk maintenance, and winter projects will all be carried out normally during the winter session and into the spring semester.
  • Information on the fall 2021 semester can be found here:

1/7 Update: The Building Attendant Program is planned to continue through the 2021 spring semester.  Custodial cleaning schedules and protocols will remain the same.

Custodial Services is focusing on critical areas and frequently used pathways and touch points while maintaining regular cleaning schedules.

All FM Custodial Services cleaning schedules will remain the same for fall 2021 with some service adjustments.  Custodial Services will not be cleaning office spaces at this time in an effort to allow for priority cleaning and sanitizing to restrooms, classrooms and high touch surfaces. 

Custodial Services will be deploying more daytime custodians to address:

  • High touch surfaces
  • Restocking of health stations
  • Restroom checks
  • Customer Service


Building Attendant program

As part of the UI Steps Forward Return to Campus efforts, FM Custodial Services has been providing service to GEF buildings on campus through the Building Attendant Program.   This service has been supporting high-density academic and administrative buildings since the 2020 fall semester and onward.  21 Building Attendants address cleaning, disinfecting, and restocking needs, perform restroom and classroom checks for supplies, along with providing support for questions or needs of building occupants during daytime hours in 28 of our campus buildings. 

During these uncertain times, Custodial Services schedules will remain fluid, as some may need to be adjusted according to building use and customer needs.

Employee safety is our top priority, with an emphasis on everyone wearing proper face coverings, respecting social distancing and performing proper handwashing.

University Housing & Dining and UI Health Care have their own cleaning protocols and processes.

1/7 Update:

  • Buildings were prepped for the seasonal switchover to cold weather.
  • MERV-13 filters were switched out with new MERV-13 filters, as part of routine maintenance practices.


University of Iowa Facilities Management has prepared specific building practices to follow the guidelines in the Steps Forward document. The practices were developed after reviewing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidelines, information from industry experts and peer institutions, and input provided from Return to Campus unit plans. Feasibility, time and cost were considerations in making these choices and as new information develops, adjustments will be made, and other options considered.

Primary Decision Drivers for Building Practices

  • Focus on risk mitigation not elimination.
  • Limit unintended consequences
  • Risk mitigation is interdependent:  the effectiveness of building and operational practices are directly related to behavior and community health conditions.
  • Prioritize by occupancy and time:  the more people in a space for longer periods of time represents greater risk.
  • Emerging information and recommendations require need for agility and capability for adjustments and change to increase risk mitigation options.    

Watch a presentation on Steps Forward Building Practices by Facilities Management Associate Vice President Lynne Finn.


Building Ventilation Practices

Ventilation systems will operate according to the CDC Considerations for Higher Education.  The UI will implement the strategies found in the following presentation linked below.  The document includes information on forced ventilation, the MERV 13 filter upgrades, the Fault Detection & Diagnostic (FDD) Program, and more.

Ventilation Practices (as of Aug. 19)   |   Ventilation Summary Map












Facilities building, ground, and maintenance information can be found in the Steps Forward document below.

Fall 2020 Steps Forward


Building Access has resumed a normal schedule for the 2021 spring semester.  Each building on campus will has its own distinct plan for promoting social distancing in common areas.  Signage is posted to direct you, but everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new procedures for each facility.  Any changes will follow the ADA and fire code requirements.

For more information on campus buildings and building practices, go to: 

Information regarding building access to the IMU, recreational centers, libraries, residence halls, and so on, can be found in the Steps Forward document below.

Fall 2020 Steps Forward

The Oakdale Maintenance and Landscape team continues to be staffed and responding to calls while keeping up with the regular maintenance and landscaping work schedules.

1/7 Update: Landscape services continues to function as usual over into the 2021 spring semester.


Landscape Services is staffed and working on regular maintenance work schedules and responding to additional calls to assist other departments across campus.  In addition, Landscape Services will be picking up litter and emptying litter receptacles several times throughout the day as well as wiping down the tables every morning at the temporary outdoor spaces located eEast of Pharmacy, Hubbard Park and west of Burge Hall.

Design & Construction continues to work in partnership with administration, customers, and vendors to advance capital projects by making adjustments for COVID-19 safety measures and utilizing video conferencing and other technology.

Bid openings are also being held virtually and may be attended using the zoom app.  For more information visit

Contact FM@Your Service 24/7 for emergencies by calling 319-335-5071; for non-emergencies use the FM@YourService Portal; or email at If you have a facilities-specific COVID question, use the new Ask a COVID-19 question button on FM@YourService.


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Hawkeyes help Hawkeyes

Our employees have been sending in photos weekly to demonstrate that they are doing their part to slow the spread and leading the campus by example.  We are eager and ready to continue doing our part as students and faculty return for the fall semester.