The University of Iowa

What to Expect:  Facilities Information Services will provide data stewardship of all university facilities, land, and infrastructure information, plans and maps necessary to successfully advance the university’s physical environment in support of the university’s mission and strategic aspirations.  Our team will provide, university administration, university departments and outside consultants with high-quality information that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.

  Specific Services and Duties
Campus Support
  • Prepare facilities reports for Board of Regents as requested.
  • Directly supports the Campus Planning and Development, University Space Committee, and Learning Spaces Committee.
Space Planning and Management
  • Member of the University Space Committee.
  • Assign room numbers for new or renovated space according to the university’s standards.
  • Assist in room and building name assignments and changes.
  • Support construction delivery.
  • Provide space reports as needed including HEFMA, NFS, and the Facilities Governance Report.
  • Monitor renovation projects, in conjunction with project managers, which will affect space use and/or floor plans.
Data Management
  • Maintain site, infrastructure and building space information; provide information upon request.
  • Manage building floor plans and space data, site mapping, and utility distribution plans.
  • Conduct regular space surveys to verify accuracy of floor plans, room use, occupants and other associated data.
  • Produce reports for the Board of Regents, university administration, university departments and outside consultants as needed.
  • Coordinate web-based ATG interface for access and use of the UI Space Information Management System (SIMS).
  • Administer building codes, abbreviations, names, addresses, room numbering, occupancy data, and other building information for all leased and owned facilities.
  • Provide technical support for Autodesk suite of desktop software applications and procedures to Facilities Management and other university staff.
Land and Utility Surveying
  • Support utility infrastructure development. Survey, locate, and record data for all known utilities.
  • Maintain and verify land records.
  • Maintain and manage GPS survey equipment, software, and other high-end developing technologies that evolve with FIS and CP needs. Manage upgrades and warranty of equipment.
  • Maintain site and infrastructure information in Autodesk applications; provide information upon request; integrate data into GIS system.
  • Provide technical support for FM Utilities and university IT utilities locators.
Mapping and Site Information
  • Manage and continue to expand the use of the university’s Geographic Information System (GIS). Incorporate utility infrastructure and site data with critical attributes.
  • Integrate SIMS data into GIS system.
  • Create and maintain three-dimensional site model.
  • Distribute maps to campus patrons as requested and create custom maps when necessary; develop map inventory for convenient and easy access.
  • Prepare and provide mapping exhibits for the Board of Regents submittals and UI department’s publications.
  • Maintain and expand site information database.
  • Provide technical support for ESRI suite of desktop and mobile software applications and procedures to Facilities Management and other university staff.
Professional Affiliations
  • Higher Education Facilities Management Association – HEFMA
  • Campus Facilities Management Technology Association – CFTA
  • Big Ten and Friends Participants