The University of Iowa

Research Laboratory Space

What to Expect: Floors are dusted, but stains that cannot be spot cleaned will remain. Dirt build-up may be present around the floorboards and room corners. Occupants are responsible for cleaning their own desks and other surfaces. Service to labs with restricted access can be prearranged. Departments are responsible for collection and disposal of all lab related waste such as biohazard containers and glass/sharps containers within the lab. Biohazard totes with proper labeling, sealed and weight guidelines will be picked up by custodial when left in the hallway. Lab occupants are responsible for cleaning any horizontal surfaces, sinks and equipment in labs. The cleanliness level is based on the APPA Staffing Guidelines - Level 3.

Frequency Task
Twice Weekly Empty trash bins; dust mop floors. Custodians are instructed to leave spills on floors that have not been identified as non-hazardous.
Weekly Clean door handles and light switches; wet mop or spot clean floor, as needed.   
Annually Scrub and burnish floors; clean light fixtures, as needed.
Every three years Scrub floors and refinish, as needed.