The University of Iowa

FM updates signage in campus buildings

UI campus signage related to COVID-19

On May 19, FM teams worked to remove mask and social distancing signage, including the building traffic directional signage in common spaces throughout buildings. Seating signage was left for the moment. There may be some areas, especially those served by daytime custodial services, where this work will get wrapped up today.  Building Coordinators can proceed with removing signage related to masks and social distancing that they have placed in other areas of their buildings. Classroom COVID capacity size signage will be addressed at a later time.  


Please note that no signage changes were made in these areas, since they may be impacted by the exception rules of the policy, related to health care, patient care, and research:

Carver College of Medicine 

Dental Science Building

State Hygienic Laboratory

MTF( part of UIHC)

Student Health Services (WL)

Bright Horizon Daycare Center (WL)

Hospital Call Center (UCC)


Thank you for your help and understanding as we navigate this transition together.  If you have any questions please use the COVID button on the FM@YourService portal.