The University of Iowa

Dental Science Building Reconfigure Room S490

Project Description

The room will effectively be divided into three distinct areas (dirty/packing/sterile). The scope of work includes relocating walls, install new equipment (by owner), install new door way, remove wall, infill pit and install new flooring to match, install new floor drain, remove dx units and install fan cooled units on chilled water from IT closet chilled water, add additional supply/return air, new room number to be assigned and signage, disconnect existing utilities, install new utilities per specifications (provided by owner), finish wall to enclose room, install new lighting, rework sprinkler system as needed, relocate steam regulating valve to mechanical chase for better accessibility. Construction to be completed summer 2022.

Project Number
Project Scope
Reconfigure Dental Science Building room S490, Instrument Processing Room to better accommodate new equipment.
Project Status
Construction Close
Square Footage
Project Budget
Construction Start Date
February 2022
Substantial Completion Date
August 2022
Awarded To
McComas Lacina Construction Company Incorporated
Design Engineers PC