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Fine examples of this public art grace many locales throughout the University of Iowa campus - building entrances and hallways, courtyards and plazas, sports arenas and river's edge. Some of the pieces of the collection, such as the Nile Kinnick statue, instill fierce pride and prospect of victory. Other works reflect history or mimic the landscape of an outdoor space, creating an area for reflection and interaction.

The University of Iowa boasts a compelling collection of public art that was acquired through Iowa's former Art in State Buildings Program. The campus public art requirement states that one-half of one percent of a project's total cost shall be expended for the acquisition, preparation, and installation of fine arts elements in and around state buildings in areas regularly accessible to the general public.

Art on Campus Committee Members

Lauren Lessing (Director, Museum of Art)
Don Guckert (Associate Vice President & Director, Facilities Management)
Steve McGuire (School of Art and Art History Representative)
Paul Hanley (Campus Planning Committee Representative)
Cory Gundlach (Museum of Art Representative)
Jeffrey Liebermann (UI Foundation Representative)
Clara Baldus (Faculty-At-Large)
Betsy Boyd (Community-At-Large)

R e c e n t   I n s t a l l a t i o n s


Duke Slater: Groundbreaker and Champion

Artist - J. Brett Grill

Kinnick Stadium - North End Zone

Medium: Bronze Relief

To commemorate Duke Slater and Iowa’s 1921 National Championship football team, Grill depicted a cascade of strong, male bodies in motion, descending from the upright, running figure on the left to the fallen player on the right, whose fingers emerge from the picture plane into the viewers’ space.  Slater himself, helmetless and determined, burst from the cluster of bodies at the center of the composition like an unstoppable force.  With his face set in an expression of calm determination, he uses his body as a shield, pushing the players to his left aside and freeing a path for his teammate to run forward with the ball.