University of Iowa

Capital Projects

View our Capital Project List (projects over $100,000 in design, construction or substantial completion)

Burge Residence Hall - Install Furniture in Lounges 0754001Burge Residence Hall - Update Student Living Spaces 0704001Burge Residence Hall - Upgrade HVAC Controls 0798401Center for Disabilities and Development - Elevator A and B Upgrades 0711501Chemistry Building - Convert West South Wing to Testing Center 0769101Chilled Water Plant 2 (West) - Upgrade Condenser Water System Flow Meters 0753301Clubhouse at Finkbine Golf Course - and Support Facility - Construct New Building - Rebid 0633501College of Nursing Building - Install Furniture 0559503College of Pharmacy Building - Construct New Facility 0329501College of Pharmacy Building - UIP Fit Out and Manufacturing Equipment 0329502College of Pharmacy Building - Install Audio/Visual Systems 0329504College of Pharmacy Building - Install Furniture 0329506Communications Center - Asbestos Abatement 0769302Communications Center - Raze Building 0769301Elizabeth Catlett Residence Hall - Add Chilled Water Filtration System 0790401English-Philosophy Building - Replace Chilled Water Pump 0790301General - Renovate University Classrooms in CB, CPHB, FH, MLH, SHC and VAN 0742701General - Modify Chilled Water Piping for Off-Season Lay Up (BSB, CB, EMRB & PBDB) 0743801Gilmore Hall - Replace AHU-3 0817201Hillcrest Residence Hall - Replace Vanities and Plumbing 0655301Hillcrest Residence Hall - Repair Masonry 0757601Hospital Parking Ramp No. 1 - Upgrade Public Spaces 0797001Hospital Parking Ramp No. 4 - Repair Skywalk 0794401Institutional Roads - Reconstruct Hawkeye Park Road at Melrose Avenue 0784501Iowa Memorial Union - Replace Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Units in Kitchen 0825101John Pappajohn Pavilion - Create SNICU Biocontainment Shower 0773101John Pappajohn Pavilion - Interventional Radiology Support Space Renovation 0712901John W. Colloton Pavilion - Electrical Power Cross Connect 0614001John W. Eckstein Medical Research Building - Renovate 3rd Floor SW 0539302John W. Eckstein Medical Research Building - Install Signage 0539303Kinnick Stadium and Paul W. Brechler Press Box - Install Furniture 0608103Kinnick Stadium and Paul W. Brechler Press Box - Renovate East Storage Rooms 0755701Lakeside Lab - Mess Hall - Replace Siding and Windows 0778001Laundry - Replace Dryers in Room 140 0796701Lindquist Center - Renovate South Basement 0757901Lindquist Center - Renovate 1st and 2nd Floors 0691701Macbride Hall - Renovate Second Floor South 0769801North Campus Parking and Chilled Water Facility - Upgrade Public Spaces 0797901North Hall - Extend Sprinkler System 0795001North Hall - Renovate Fourth Floor 0769501Oakdale Studio Facility - Construct Facility 0803901Parking Lots and Ramps - Hawkeye Commuter Lot - Install Bus Shelter 0780201Pharmacy Building - Existing Building Deferred Maintenance and Building Demolition - Part B 0329507Pharmacy Building - Replace WFI Still 0654201Phillips Hall - Convert Rooms 18 and 22 to Testing Center 0786701Power Plant - Procure and Install Boiler 0647205Power Plant - Turbine General Construction 0647206Power Plant - Boiler 12 Controls 0647207Psychological and Brain Sciences Building - Fit Out Fourth Floor South 0303804Psychological and Brain Sciences Building - Construct Facility - REBID 0303801Psychological and Brain Sciences Building - Install Furniture 0303803Recreation Building - Renovate Rooms 007F-007K 0812501Roy J. Carver Pavilion - AHU-6 Replacement 0711901Seashore Hall - Raze Building 0769401South Wing - Convert 4th Floor to Inpatient Unit (219-1333-01) 0764701Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center - Replace Flooring in 145 & 140A 0828801T. Anne Cleary Walkway - Improve Signalization at Market and Jefferson Street 0806501Theatre Building - Install Sprinkler System for Mabie Theatre 0795101Trowbridge Hall - Install Sprinkler/Standpipes Infrastructure 0795201UI Health Care Integrated Services Center - Construct Facility 0493001UIHC - 6 RCP - Convert Former Lounge to Shower Room 0830901UIHC - Medical Office Building Extension - Site Selection Study 0614902UIHC - John Pappajohn Pavilion and John Colloton Pavilion - Replace Air Compressors 0824001UIHC - Modifications to On-Site Central Sterilization Services - Phase II 0796302UIHC - South Wing - Renovate Provider Lounge 0803001UIHC - John Colloton Pavilion - Replacement of Bus Duct 0814201UIHC - John Colloton Pavilion - Upgrade Main Operating Room Building Controls and Telecom Room 0810301UIHC - Isolation Fan Replacements - REBID 0711301UIHC - John W. Colloton Pavilion - Upgrade Elevator F 0712101UIHC - John W. Colloton Pavilion - Upgrade Elevator H 0712201UIHC - Repair Roofs 110 & 111 JCP and 078 South Wing 0711701UIHC - Roy J. Carver Pavilion - Inpatient Psychiatry Expansion and Renovation 0690401UIHC - John W. Colloton Pavilion - MRI Suite Safety and PET/MRI Expansion and Renovation 0645201UIHC - Pathology Core Lab Expansion - 6RCP 0584401UIHC - John W. Colloton Pavilion - Renovate Post-Anesthesia Care Unit 0433101UIHC - General Hospital - Replace Fan Coil and Convectors - Phase I 0739601UIHC - Pomerantz Family Pavilion - Expansion of Infusion-Clinical Cancer Center Level 4 0729801UIHC - Pomerantz Family Pavilion - Upgrade Data Center UPS 0725301UIHC - Modifications to On-Site Central Sterilization Services - Phase I 0796301UIHC - North Corridor Medical Office 2 - Renovate for Urgent Care 0801201UIHC - Roy J. Carver Pavilion - Replace Flooring on First Floor - ReBid 0774601UIHC - John W. Colloton Pavilion - Renovate Cullen Conference Room 6426 0774801University Capitol Centre - Renovate Suite 1120 0765201University Capitol Centre - Install Furniture in Suites 2700 and 3700 0586902University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art - Construct New Facility 0657201Utilities Distribution System - Replace Old Capitol Tunnel 0698301Utilities Distribution System - Modify Steam Piping Near Pappajohn Business Building 0811701Utilities Distribution System - Install Bulkhead Door at South End of IMU Tunnel 0806701Utilities Distribution System - Install Temporary East Campus Chillers 0819501Utilities Distribution System - Replace Section of Sanitary Sewer at Oakdale Campus 0831301Water Plant - Rehabilitate Gravity Filters 0741201Water Plant - Replace Chemical Process Piping 0746301