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Construction activity may affect road, sidewalk, parking lot, elevator or building entrance access.

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Alerts that May Affect You

Current and upcoming University of Iowa and City of Iowa City construction projects will impact pedestrian and vehicle travel along portions of Madison street, now through fall 2021. Lane reductions are currently in place along Madison Street, between Burlington and Washington streets. Temporary closures may occur.

Beginning May 2021, the City of Iowa City will begin an asphalt resurfacing project that will affect portions of North Clinton Street, Jefferson Street, South Dubuque Street Dearborn Street, Rohret Road, and 1st Avenue and chip sealing on Taft Avenue.

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Current Closures

North Chilled Water Plant Renovation

Closure Category: 
Road Closure
Sidewalk Closure
Dates of Closure: 
Monday, April 12, 2021 - 6:25am to Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - 3:30pm
Traffic Control: 
Alternate Route: 
Accessible Route: 
Traffic Control Plan: 
Reason for Closure: 
North Chilled Water Plant Renovation

1). Will be closing the north stairwell on all levels of the parking ramp.  Alternate use is the south stairwell.

2). Will be closing the sidewalk on the west side of N. Capital St.

3). Will be closing the basketball courts on top of facility.

4). Will be using E. Bloomington St. for Burge loading dock delivery entrance and exits.

5). Will be using E. Bloomington St for construction delivery entrance and Davenport St. for construction delivery exit.