The University of Iowa

What to expect: Tile is clean but may be worn in high traffic areas. Tile stains will remain if we are not able to remove them with spot cleaning techniques. Traffic patterns may appear in carpet, certain carpet stains will remain if we are not able to remove them with spot cleaning techniques. Near the end of a semester, floor finish may be dull or scratched, depending on weather and use. During the winter, foot traffic will bring moisture and dirt into the conference rooms during the day. Between weekly and/or monthly surface cleanings, dust build-up and fingerprints will be noticeable. Conference rooms will be at highest cleanliness level at 8:00am, with possible deteriorating conditions during the day. Many conference rooms are used all day into the evening with few breaks in the schedule. The cleanliness level is based on the APPA Staffing Guidelines - Level 3.

Frequency Task
Daily Trash bins are emptied. Large debris is removed before the floor is dust mopped or vacuumed. Floor is mopped or spot cleaned as needed. Major spills are cleaned from floors as needed. Tabletops are wiped down and debris is removed from chairs. Chairs are placed back in position. Chalkboards and whiteboards are cleaned thoroughly unless “do not erase or save” is written on the board. Door handles and light switches are cleaned.
Weekly Carpet is checked for stains and spot extracted as needed.
Monthly All areas of the room are dusted: HVAC vents, any empty horizontal surfaces such as windowsills, baseboards and fixtures.
Annually Floors are scrubbed and refinished as needed. Carpets are extraction cleaned. Light fixtures are cleaned as needed. Walls are spot cleaned as needed.