The University of Iowa

Dining, Eating and Kitchen Space

What to Expect:  Tile is clean but may be worn in high traffic areas. Certain tile stains will remain if we are not able to remove them with spot cleaning techniques. Between weekly and/or monthly surface cleanings, dust build-up and fingerprints will be noticeable.  Diner/Café staff are expected to police seating areas, spot mop floors and pick-up large debris and wipe off tables and floor during regular hours. The cleanliness level is based on the APPA Staffing Guidelines - Level 3. 

Frequency Task


Empty trash and recycling bins, if present; remove large debris before dust mopping or vacuuming the floor; spot clean minor stains; clean door handles and light switches; wipe down tables and place furniture back into its original position; clear and wipe down counters; clean and disinfect sinks, if no dishes are present; mop or spot clean floors, as needed; clean major spills from floors, as needed.  
Weekly Spot clean windows; dust empty horizontal surfaces such as windowsills, baseboards and fixtures.
Monthly Dust all areas of the eating space, including HVAC vents, high-level surfaces, windowsills, chair and table legs, baseboards and fixtures; clean trash and recycle containers.
Annually Scrub and refinish floors, as needed; extract carpets; clean reachable light fixtures, as needed; clean walls, as needed.