The University of Iowa

Facilities Management is funded for support of the following in General Education Funded (GEF) buildings.

Building Operations and Maintenance

What to Expect: Funding for the daily operations and repair of these systems and equipment is in place through the GEF allocation, using the response standards published here. FM will also utilize technology to offer advanced methods to optimize building performance in those buildings where available. This includes predictive and preventative maintenance measures.  The GEF allocation also allows for more major repairs (up to $100,000) for a limited number of projects annually.  Facilities Management will utilize customer feedback, Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) information, the cost of operations and other factors to determine repair priorities.  Weather events causing damage to facilities may affect the scheduled priorities.  Critical mechanical and building envelope systems will generally carry a higher priority.  Major capital reinvestments, such as system replacement, are funded through an annual block allocation funding process.  Facilities Management will utilize input from shared governance groups, Campus Planning, FCA and institutional priorities to assign priority for funding.  Capital reinvestment work may be limited by funding availability and campus or building capacity for disruption.  

Category Examples

Building Envelope

Doors (hardware questions should be directed to Key and Access Services)

Building Systems

Backflow preventers associated with building utilities
Building automation systems
Electrical (general power, lighting, emergency/exit lighting, spotlights)
Fire systems (alarms, required extinguishers, protection)
Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
Utilities supporting specialty rooms


Building maintenance hoists and cranes
Central lab air/vacuum systems and lab water systems (soft water, RO/DI)
Fume hood controls
Loading docks and equipment
Plaster traps ​​​​​​
Snowmelt Systems
Window AC units – repair of existing


What to Expect:  Repair and replacement of interior finishes are prioritized by severity of condition and are not performed on any pre-determined schedule.  These scenarios will require a conversation between customers and maintenance area managers/supervisors.  In some instances (painting for example), campus planning will need to be aligned with prioritization from a programmatic standpoint.

Service Notes
Interior Finishes

Floors (including waxing)
Painting and associated lead abatement
Standard window coverings and hardware
Walls and wall coverings

A small portion of FM’s work is related to departmentally owned equipment.  Although this work is not GEF funded, FM frequently has the expertise and resources to assist with the work and will do so utilizing a departmental MFK when supplied.

Facilities Management is not funded for support of departmental or specialized equipment or systems. This would include inspection/calibration, on-going maintenance, repair/replacement and compliance requirements. Facilities Management provides services on a time/materials basis to repair/maintain departmental equipment and related systems in GEF facilities. Questions can be directed to FM@YourService through our customer portal. There are options for departments wishing to provide their own work, with certain restrictions outlined below. All work must meet university standards and be code compliant. FM welcomes being a first point of contact to help customers to fulfill their requests.

Maintenance of Departmental/Specialized Equipment or Systems (not GEF funded)

What to Expect: Removal costs associated with departmental equipment will have an associated fee.  Demolition for departmental project work will be departmentally funded.  Asbestos and lead removal related to departmental work will have an associated fee. 

Due to potential connections to building systems, work must be completed by Facilities Management

Fume hoods—replacement
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (dampers, ductwork, controls, etc.) and plumbing for departmental/specialty equipment
Railings/stairs/ramps for departmental use only

Prior consultation or approval from Facilities Management is required if equipment is connected to building systems

Animal systems and waste disposal
Audio visual components and media equipment (including repair following removal)
Backflow preventers associated with departmental equipment
Clocks in departmental spaces
Cubicles and partitions
Departmental shop equipment
Departmental storage caging/interior fencing
Dust collectors
Fired devices
Fire protection—specialty/standalone units
Insulation for departmental equipment
Lab gas, water systems
Lifts and hoists (including department specific loading docks)
Specialty electrical systems—lab specific, vending power, departmental equipment, specialty lighting, etc.
Specialty hoods—BioSafety cabinets, tissue culture hoods, kitchen hoods, etc.
Specialty rooms (chambers/environmental/manufacturing)—repair/replacement and initial utilities installation
Window AC units –installation of new

Facilities Management provides other special services not directly related to the stewardship of the buildings.  These services typically have a fee-for-service component.

Examples of Other Special Services

Questions regarding these examples or other specific situations can be directed to FM@YourService via the Customer Service Portal - Search Answers and Contact Us (blue button).
Service Notes
AED Maintenance Departments fund initial purchase.  Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides installation and annual service, FM provides replacement parts.
Artwork Maintenance All maintenance, repair and replacement associated with statues, paintings, and digital art falls outside of GEF funding and instead would be funded by the sponsoring department.
Damage Damages caused by the public, college/department will be handled by FM/DPS/Risk Management/Department resources depending on the circumstances frequently resulting in cost recovery from a source other than GEF funding.
Eyewash and Shower

GEF funds support the weekly testing of units in public and custodial spaces by FM staff.  GEF funds support the annual testing of all units by FM staff.

New departmental installations in lab spaces are the responsibility of the department.  Non-annual testing and repair of units in lab spaces are the responsibility of the department.
Pest Control Pest Control for GEF funds buildings occur at scheduled frequencies.  Pest Control needed due to department-related issues will require a fee-for-service.
Signage Required code signage will be provided for GEF spaces, along with exterior building identification per campus standards.  Departments will fund departmental directories and custom signage.  Signage is a large category that is best discussed on a case-by-case basis with an FM partner.