The University of Iowa

What to Expect:  Carpet and tile is clean but may be worn in high traffic areas. Certain carpet and/or tile stains will remain if we are not able to remove them with spot cleaning techniques. Between monthly surface cleanings, dust build-up and fingerprints will be noticeable.    Offices receive less attention because they typically receive the least traffic. Occupants are responsible for cleaning their own desks and surfaces containing personal belongings.  Floors are dusted, but stains that cannot be spot cleaned will remain. Dirt buildup may be present around the floorboards and room corners. Facilities Management will respectfully decline to provide service to office areas that are not accessible, or our service may damage or interfere with room contents. Facilities Management is instructed to lock office spaces after cleaning. The cleanliness level is based on the APPA Staffing Guidelines - Level 3.

Frequency Task


Monthly cleaning is being suspended temporarily due to COVID.

Empty trash bins, as assigned per building; place tied trash in the hallway during interim cleaning; vacuum, sweep/mop as room contents allow and conditions warrant; dust empty horizontal surfaces such as windowsills, baseboards and fixtures; clean telephones; clean door handles and frames and light switches. Occupant is responsible to empty office recycle bin into a central location in the hallways.
Annually Clean carpet, if necessary and if carpet condition can withstand cleaning; scrub and refinish hard surface floors, as needed; clean reachable light fixtures, as needed; clean walls, as needed. Annual cleaning is accomplished through cooperation with occupants.