The University of Iowa


Nowlan art at Kinnick Stadium
bronze relief
20' x 10' x 4'

The Ironmen, Nowlan's second Iowa commission, is a twenty-foot-long bronze relief depicting a famous touchdown quarterback Nile Kinnick scored in 1939 against undefeated Notre Dame. The work includes 11 larger-than-life figures that burst into the viewer's space, creating an engaging and dynamic piece. The face of every player is visible on the work. Even in a sold-out stadium of fans covered in black and gold, Nowlan's two works stand out as monumental compositions, and are among the most beloved landmarks on the Iowa campus.

Larry Nowlan, a Vermont sculptor, was an artist of the new school of realism. He was inspired by both the past and the natural world, yet did not copy directly from nature. Many of his works directly reflect the humanity, emotions, troubles and triumphs of an individual. He was first attracted to sculpture by the powerful forms of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and preceded to enroll at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1993 followed by a MA at the New York Academy of Art Graduate School of Figurative Art.