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Facilities Information Services (FIS) is responsible for the data stewardship of all space, infrastructure, and physical development for the university’s 21 million gross square feet of space across 2,500 acres. This includes, but not limited to, land holdings, space information, building data and infrastructure assets and other real property data.

FIS is comprised of the Space Information Management System (SIMS), FM Geographic Information System (GIS), and Utility and Mapping Services (GPS). Each area of FIS provides information on university spaces through computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and web-based and printable floor plans and maps.

What We Do

FIS responsibilities:
  • SIMS maintains floor plans, space data, and the building inventory for all university owned and leased buildings.
  • GIS creates and maintains university web-based maps and printable campus maps.
  • GPS creates and maintains the university computer-aided design (CAD) map which is comprised of survey grade information of campus infrastructure and physical development.
  • Staff the University Space Committee
  • Assign room numbers for new or renovated space according to the university’s standards
  • Assist in room and building name assignments and changes
  • Support construction delivery
  • Provide space reports as needed including HEFMA, NSF, and the Facilities Governance Report
  • Monitor renovation projects, in conjunction with project managers, which will impact space use and/or floor plans

FIS floor plans and maps are a blend of digital drawings, maps, and database management that enables our SIMS and GIS users to view much of the university space information through interactive floor plans and maps. Much of university information contains geographic components such as room data and location, building inventory data, and property and infrastructure data that is best visualized via floor plans and maps. 

FIS works directly with the University’s Campus Planning unit. This strategic partnership supports the university’s space planning and management processes. FIS is responsible for all records relative to space assignment and coordination. The unit supports Campus Planning and the University Space Committee providing recommendations to improve space management and utilization. In addition, the unit’s GIS and CAD mapping services supports the university’s master planning efforts. The unique partnership with Campus Planning is necessary to successfully advance the university’s physical environment.


For quick facts on campus acreage, number of buildings and gross square footage, etc., visit FM Quick Facts. 

Request an update to a room's use, assignment, or occupancy with  SIMS Update

Space Information Management System

SIMS is the university’s facility information system that tracks all university owned and leased space. University building floor plans are available to view via the SIMS ATG/AVS website.

To access the system as a new user, university employee, or outside contractor, please follow the links below:

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Facilities Information Services



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