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Can Service Levels change?

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The service standards outlined in this Guide will require periodic assessment and readjustments based on changes in building conditions, deferred maintenance levels, student enrollment levels, changes to programs, new space added to the inventory, significant space use changes, unfunded mandates (code changes)  and inflationary costs.  Service level standards are service level targets, which may be modified during specific seasons or campus events.  Facilities Management will work with customers to communicate necessary changes to service levels, as well as prepare any transition plans necessary.


In times of emergencies when work reveals itself as critical priority and in the face of unexpected events, the Associate Vice President (AVP) and Director of Facilities Management (or their designee) will redirect resources to address the situation regardless of standards, expectations and planned work.  These situations could be major and unexpected like a crisis in the greater Iowa City community (setting up a relief shelter for victims of a disaster) or it could be as routine as a severe weather event that affects the area over several days.