The University of Iowa

Capital Project Management

Seashore Hall stairs black and white
Design & Construction oversees and manages all Capital Improvement Projects from initiation to final closeout and warranty.  (No FM GEF funding – self funded business)

Capital Improvement Projects are completed as a comprehensive and cooperative approach to creating a campus that is consistent with the University of Iowa’s status as one of the nation’s leading academic/research institutions. 

This category provides a wide variety of services for managing Capital Improvement Projects as governed under Board of Regents Policy Manual 2.3 (  Capital Improvement Projects are defined as:

  1. A capital improvement project is one which provides for the construction, repair, or improvement of buildings (including fixed equipment within buildings), utility systems or grounds under jurisdiction of the Board of Regents
  2. A major capital improvement project is defined as any new building construction (including a major addition) or any building renovation project with an estimated project budget of $2 million or more.

A project management fee (3% to 5%) is charged on all projects based on the actual final total project expenses. 

Project Cost Low Range Project Cost High Range Flat Fee
$0 $20,000,000 5%
$20,000,001 $60,000,000 Sliding Scale
$60,000,001 Above 3%