The University of Iowa

Environmental Compliance Services

Utilities also provides environmental compliance services to the entire university in several areas, detailed below. In general, Utilities’ staff labor is not billed to provide these services on a project-basis but are included within the overall utility rates. When outside consultants must be engaged, or when an agency charges specific fees to issue a given permit, those charges are passed along to the customer requiring the permit.  Compliance actions, including some tracking of equipment use and reporting, may be required of the customer who owns and operates the equipment that required the permit.

Service Responsibility
Air Emissions

Administer regulatory compliance activities for all air compliance programs, including but not limited to: Campus-wide Title V permit monitoring, record-keeping, reporting, and auditing; Campus-wide PAL permits monitoring, record-keeping, and reporting; Construction permitting for applicable individual equipment (permit application development, notification, monitoring, and reporting as required by permit); Ambient air quality modeling; Stack test coordination and emissions monitoring system compliance; Refrigerant management across campus; Coordinate regulatory inspections from IDNR and EPA; Training and coordination with equipment owners to ensure information exchange and compliance; Coordination with academic units for related air emissions research projects; Applicability determinations for activities across campus that may trigger regulatory requirements.

Refrigerant Management

Coordinate with campus units that have equipment-containing refrigerant to ensure compliance with EPA ozone depleting substances regulations; Record-keeping; Auditing; Applicability determinations.

Storm water

Administer campus-wide municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit, including but not limited to: Reporting and record-keeping; Maintain storm sewer and related infrastructure; Assist Design & Construction with evaluating projects to ensure storm water requirements are met; Coordinate annual stream cleanup; Administer applicable General Permit #1 requirements.

Water discharge permitting (NPDES)

Administer campus permits for discharge into waterways. This includes monitoring, testing, record keeping, inspections, and reporting.

Water use permitting

Manage required permit requirements across campus for water withdrawal (e.g. Iowa River, wells), including record-keeping and reporting.

Spill Prevention Control, Countermeasures (SPCC)

Administer all campus SPCC plans, including plan development and record keeping; Monitoring and data collection; Annual training for staff on plan requirements; Spill response; Compliance auditing.

Flood Plain/Sovereign Lands Permitting

Assist Design & Construction with determining whether campus projects will require a joint IDNR/ACE flood plan/sovereign lands permit. Coordinate permit application development and oversee permit requirements.

Underground Storage Tanks

Coordination with campus UST owners to renew annual tank tags; Coordination of biennial campus regulatory inspections; Spill response. 

Research grant compliance certification Provide environmental compliance certifications for research grant applicants that include assurances that the project is compliant with applicable environmental regulations. This includes meeting with the PI and a site visit.