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How does this work if I’m not in a GEF building?

Levitt Center
Facilities Management provides many types of services to GEF academic and administrative buildings on the main campus, certain off-site/leased properties, as well as select buildings at the Oakdale Campus.  In addition, Facilities Management delivers services to programs that are self-supporting, non-academic/administrative segments of the University on a fee-for-service basis.  For buildings that have both GEF and non-GEF spaces, the costs for services are allocated on a predetermined split across the funding sources.  Examples of these customers are University Housing and Dining, UIHC, Athletics, Parking and Transportation, and the University of Iowa Center for Advancement. The costs of these services are recovered through a cost recovery recharge system, utilizing typically time and materials costs, including all overhead functions of the department.  Identical hourly rates are charged to GEF funding sources, as well as auxiliary or other funding sources.