The University of Iowa

How FM@YourService Prioritizes Your Requests

All work is prioritized by specific definitions and parameters.  This priority method allows fair and appropriate service responses to be planned and scheduled appropriately across all buildings and programs on campus.  This system is utilized primarily for building maintenance, landscape and custodial services.

Service Priorities

What to Expect:  FM@YourService prioritizes work requests based on the scope of work provided. To allow us to most effectively and efficiently serve you, please be prepared to provide details regarding your request.
Priority Type Definition
Routine Corrective and preventive maintenance or service item that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment, or components. Routine work is investigated within fourteen (14) days and repaired within thirty (30) business days.
Urgent Potential threat to life, property, security, or the environment.  Warrants expedited action to mitigate the situation before conditions escalate or worsen. Urgent work is investigated within two (2) days and repaired within seven (7) business days.
Emergency Imminent threat to life, property, security, or the environment.  Warrants immediate response and mitigation but not necessarily a permanent fix. Emergencies should be called into FM@YourService, 24/7 at 335-5071. Emergency work is investigated within one (1) hour and repaired or situation stabilized within 24 hours.