The University of Iowa

Mission and Vision

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Our mission

Providing a physical environment that supports university excellence.

Our vision

Always there, always the best.

Our core values


  • We manage our resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • We take responsibility for our work and our actions.


  • We continuously learn, develop, and improve.

  • We build on our successes and learn from our failures.


  • We encourage an atmosphere of respect, trust and cooperation.

  • We energize and inspire each other.


  • We believe every injury is preventable.

  • We work together to promote safety and wellness.


  • We are proud of our work.

  • We are dedicated to serving the University of Iowa.


A message from the Facilities Management team

The employees of Facilities Management are proud to serve the campus community in support of the university’s mission. This guide describes the various types and forms of services provided by Facilities Management. A common theme to our work is one of stewardship – we strive to find solutions and alternatives that provide the best sustainable outcomes through exceptional results and advice. With a focus on continuous improvement, we use industry standards and best practices as our goal. We evaluate our performance and effectiveness based on customer input and comparisons to peer institutions.