The University of Iowa

Service Level C (Only Minimal Use or Impact)

What to Expect:  This area of campus consist of, natural areas, open space with little to no actual use by students or faculty and has little or no interface with the public but is automobile oriented.  Areas that are blocked from dominate views and include maintenance and utilitarian uses.  This area will have landscape design that focuses on solutions that do not display continued neglect.  No ornamental beds will be in this area.  Turf will look natural; sidewalks will not be edged.  Tree base without mulch, Irrigation is natural rainfall.  Exterior lighting provided, exterior way finding signage, letters on each building.  Grounds work impacted by weather and seasonal impacts.  Note:  Hours dedicated to tree maintenance preserves the U of Iowa’s Tree Campus USA designation.

Frequency Task
Daily Snow removal and sand application on sidewalks, service drive and entrances as needed seasonally.
Weekly Litter removal, debris removal at building entrances. Turf mowed as needed with in a 4” – 8” range.  Mowing schedule is dependent on season and weather (i.e. when grass growth slows in the fall, the mowing occurs less frequently).  Trimming done monthly.   Newly planted trees (up to 2 years) watered weekly. 
Annually Only select areas receive fertilizer treatment, weed control and pesticide application, sidewalk inspection and minor repair, tree inventory updated, and replacements planned as necessary, tree inspection and pruning, prune dead branches and remove dead plants 2x a year. Mulching shrub beds and trees as directed, sidewalks repaired or replaced as directed, site furniture and amenities inspected 2x a year, update and review Landscape Services Management Plan, annual repair of snow removal turf damage as directed.