The University of Iowa

What to Expect:  Tile is clean but may be worn in high traffic areas. Certain tile stains will remain if we are not able to remove them with spot cleaning techniques. Between weekly and/or monthly surface cleanings, dust build-up and fingerprints will be noticeable. The stairwells may not appear to be as clean as the hallways, due to the lower finish levels present there. The cleanliness level is based on the APPA Staffing Guidelines - Level 3.

Frequency Task
Daily Sweep and vacuum main lobby stairs, as well as high traffic stairs; spot clean minor stains; wet mop treads and risers, as needed.
Weekly Dust all rails and other eye-level surfaces; clean and disinfect all handrails; clean door glass and side glass; sweep or vacuum back of house stairs; spot clean minor stains; spot mop treads.
Monthly Dust all areas of the stairwell, including HVAC vents, high-level surfaces, windowsills, baseboards and fixtures.
Annually Scrub and refinish floors, as needed; clean reachable light fixtures, as needed.