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Amos Currier

Celia Currier

Amos Currier

Celia Currier
1842 - 1940

Honorees: Amos Noyes Currier and Celia Moore Currier
(photos courtesy of F.W. Kent Collection University Archives)


  • Amos Noyes Currier was interim president (1898–1899) between Charles Schaeffer and George MacLean
  • Amos was named head of ancient languages and literature at the State University of Iowa in 1867, then head of Latin language and literature in 1867
  • Amos held a professorship in the Classics Department and served in an array of other UI positions including dean of the Collegiate Department (now College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), volunteer librarian, he organized the University’s first card catalog; and also served as the first president of the Iowa chapter of Phi Beta Kappa
  • Amos married Celia A. Moore of Vienna, Ohio, in September 1868
  • Celia Moore Currier taught mathematics and was a Latin instructor in the Classics Department at the State University of Iowa from 1867 to 1874
  • Amos Currier had served the University 40 years when he acquired emeritus status in 1907

Currier Hall


Description of facility:

Currier Residence Hall, the University of Iowa’s first residence hall, was built to address the shortage of housing for white female students and was considered a place for women students to collaborate, study and learn together. It was named after Amos Noyes Currier and his wife, Celia Moore Currier, both fixtures in the Classics Department where Amos held a professorship and Celia was a Latin instructor. The original building was just the southeast portion of the current facility, and it was home to about 150 women. Sections were added to the dormitory in 1927, 1939, and 1949. (In 1965, a 10-story addition was planned to the west—that project became Stanley Hall). Today, Currier is home to 618 residents (it became coed in the 1970s) as well as a fitness center and a baby grand piano.

Address: 413 North Clinton Street
Year built: 1914
Additional building information: Currier Hall

Aerial View of Building