The University of Iowa

Schaeffer Hall

Schaeffer Hall

Charles A. Schaeffer

Honoree: Charles A. Schaeffer
1843 - 1898 


  • Charles A. Schaeffer served as the University of Iowa's seventh president (1887-1898)
  • Completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1861 at the age of 17
  • Following service in the Union Army, he attended the Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard University and in 1869 earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Göettingen
  • Faculty member at Cornell University
  • First UI president “who sensed what a modern university would be” and developed a comprehensive building program. Included in his plan was the idea for the current layout of the Pentacrest

Schaeffer Hall


Description of facility:

Despite Schaeffer’s untimely death, a construction fire, and conflicts between the architects and contractors, the doors to Schaeffer Hall opened on January 23, 1902, providing a permanent and modern home for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), which was then known as the Collegiate Department. The College has called Schaeffer Hall home ever since, and the building underwent a complete renovation in 1999, marking a century since construction began on the original building. Today the building houses the College of Arts and Sciences, History Department, Political Science Department, Statistics and Actuarial Science Department, classrooms and faculty spaces.

Address: 20 East Washington Street
Year built: 1902
Additional building information: Schaeffer Hall

Aerial View of Building