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Trowbridge Hall

Arthur C. Trowbridge

Honoree: Arthur C. Trowbridge
1885 - 1971


  • Arthur C. Trowbridge was the State Geologist and Director of the State Geological Survey of Iowa, 1934-1947
  • Received his B.S. in Geology i 1907 and Ph.D. in 1911 from the University of Chicago
  • Began teaching geology and related courses at the State University of Iowa (University of Iowa) in 1911
  • Specialized in stratigraphy and sedimentation, and wrote three manuals on how to teach geology in a laboratory setting
  • Trowbridge studied sediment deposition of the Mississippi Delta while working for the U.S. Engineer Corps
  • Led projects on the Mississippi River including making geographical surveys for possible locks and dam locations
  • Aided in the international survey in Iraq and was a consultant to locate oil
  • Received the Neil A. Miner award from the National Association of Geology Teachers in 1960 and a honorary doctoral degree from Augustana College in 1963 

Trowbridge Hall

Description of facility:
Trowbridge originally housed dental science, which had moved from its first home (in Old Dental Building, razed in 1975) on the Pentacrest. With the relocation of the health sciences to the new Medical Campus on the western bluffs of the Iowa River, Trowbridge was freed up and reprogrammed for the Department of Geology in 1973. It was also named after Arthur C. Trowbridge, a longtime geology professor at the University.

Address: 123 North Capitol Street
Year built: 1916
Additional building information: Trowbridge Hall

Aerial View of Building