The University of Iowa

Professional Services Agreement Forms and Instructions

Professional Services Agreement Forms (PSAs) for use on all UI projects (Main Campus and UIHC)

After you have been notified by the Owner that your firm has been selected to provide professional services, you will be required to fill out BuildUI with the Services Details and Fees for your scope of work.

Once you have submitted the proposal details via BuildUI, the Owner will prepare the appropriate Form of Agreement (see agreement templates below) for review and approval. The agreement shall be signed via DocuSign. The fully executed agreement will be available in BuildUI for your records.

Design Professional Agreement Amendments (PSAAs)

If additional services are requested by the Owner after a PSA is executed, an Amendment shall be prepared in BuildUI.

Once the Amendment has been submitted, the Owner will prepare a Professional Services Agreement Amendment (PSAA). The amendment shall be signed via DocuSign.The fully executed amendment will be available in BuildUI for your records.

Design Professional Invoice Information

Invoices shall be submitted via BuildUI  Your unique invoice form is not required to be uploaded, you are able to print an invoice from BuildUI for your records once you have entered all billing information.  


Reimbursable Expenses require backup documentation and the Reimbursable Expense Worksheet - February 2024 Edition to be uploaded.

Reimbursable Guidelines - February 2024 edition

Travel Informational Advisory - supplement to Reimbursable Guidelines - 2024 edition