The University of Iowa

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Replace PoolPak AHUs

What's New

June 10, 2020: Bid docs have been uploaded.

Project Description

This project will replace the 7 PoolPak units with AHUs similar to those used elsewhere in the CRWC using Johnson Controls that are programmable by University maintenance staff. The replacement AHUs will require increased cold water and hot water supply/return capacity. In addition, the installation of the new units will require a carefully phased construction plan that allows limited continuous CRWC operation and accounts for scheduled events and competitions.

Project Number
Project Scope
This project includes total replacement of the 7 existing PoolPak units.
Project Status
Accounting Close
Square Footage
Estimated Cost of Construction
Construction Start Date
July 2020
Substantial Completion Date
March 2022
Awarded To
Universal Climate Control Incorporated
KFI Engineers