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Building NumberBuilding Namesort descendingBuilding Abbreviation
009610 - 11 Melrose Place10 - 11 Melrose Place
0388103 Grove Street103 Grove Street
0336107 Grove Street107 Grove Street
0352108 River Street108 River StreetRIV8
0265109 East Market Street109 East Market StreetSGH
0056110 East Bloomington Street110 East Bloomington StreetFS01
02641120 East Court Street1120 East Court StreetGWC5
03501131 East Burlington Street1131 East Burlington StreetGWC1
02971137 East Burlington Street1137 East Burlington StreetGWC2
0362118 South Clinton Street118 South Clinton StreetSCST
03061205 East Burlington Street1205 East Burlington StreetGWC3
03031211 East Burlington Street1211 East Burlington StreetGWC4
0053124 Grand Avenue Court124 Grand Avenue CourtIPA
0326124 Grove Street124 Grove Street
0327128 Grove Street128 Grove Street
009513 - 14 Melrose Place13 - 14 Melrose Place
0171130 Grove Street130 Grove Street
0172131 Grove Street131 Grove Street
0045219 Melrose Court219 Melrose Court
0065229 Melrose Court229 Melrose Court
04713 Oak Park Court3 Oak Park Court
02923010 Northgate Drive3010 Northgate Drive
0168308 North Clinton Street308 North Clinton Street
0170311 Melrose Court311 Melrose Court
0307321 Melrose Avenue321 Melrose Avenue
03484 Oak Park Court4 Oak Park Court
0167401 Melrose Avenue401 Melrose Avenue
0484401 Westcor Drive401 Westcor DriveWCOR
0138422 N Clinton Street422 N Clinton Street
0349435 Ridgeland Avenue435 Ridgeland Avenue
0009601 Melrose Avenue601 Melrose Avenue
0010605 Melrose Avenue605 Melrose AvenueFS04
0036609 Melrose Avenue609 Melrose Avenue
00057 Triangle Place7 Triangle Place
0470707 Melrose Avenue707 Melrose Avenue
00708 Triangle Place8 Triangle Place
0178807 Melrose Avenue807 Melrose Avenue
0456Adler Journalism and Mass Communication BuildingAdler Journalism and Mass Communication BuildingAJB
0478Advancement Services BuildingAdvancement Services BuildingASB
0200Afro-American Cultural CenterAfro-American Cultural CenterAACC
0312Arena Commuter Lot ShelterArena Commuter Lot ShelterACLS
0037Art Building WestArt Building WestABW
0021Art BuildingArt BuildingAB
0047Asian Pacific American Cultural CenterAsian Pacific American Cultural CenterAPAC
0166-A1Aspire Building A1Aspire Building A1AWC-A1
0166-A2Aspire Building A2Aspire Building A2AWC-A2
0166-A3Aspire Building A3Aspire Building A3AWC-A3
0166-B1Aspire Building B1Aspire Building B1AWC-B1
0166-B2Aspire Building B2Aspire Building B2AWC-B2
0166-B3Aspire Building B3Aspire Building B3AWC-B3
0166-B4Aspire Building B4Aspire Building B4AWC-B4
0166-B5Aspire Building B5Aspire Building B5AWC-B5
0166-MSAspire Maintenance ShopAspire Maintenance ShopAWC-MS
0166Aspire at West CampusAspire at West CampusAWC
0376Becker Communication Studies BuildingBecker Communication Studies BuildingBCSB
0396Beckwith BoathouseBeckwith BoathouseBBH
0448Biology Building EastBiology Building EastBBE
0018Biology BuildingBiology BuildingBB
0245Biomedical Research Support FacilityBiomedical Research Support FacilityBRSF
0281Birchwood Learning CenterBirchwood Learning CenterBLC
0454Blank Honors CenterBlank Honors CenterBHC
0507Bodine LaboratoryBodine Laboratory
0535Botany AnnexBotany Annex
0204Bowen Science BuildingBowen Science BuildingBSB
0404Bowman HouseBowman HouseBH
0377Boyd Law BuildingBoyd Law BuildingBLB
0343Boyd TowerBoyd TowerBT
0528Brown Motel 1 (Units 101-106)Brown Motel 1 (Units 101-106)
0529Brown Motel 2 (Units 107-115)Brown Motel 2 (Units 107-115)
0319Building H and G - Iowa City Municipal AirportBuilding H and G - Iowa City Municipal AirportICMA
0073Burge HallBurge HallB
0347Butler Storage Court StreetButler Storage Court Street
0518Cabin 14Cabin 14
0519Cabin 15Cabin 15
0520Cabin 16Cabin 16
0521Cabin 17Cabin 17
0007Calvin HallCalvin HallCALH
0509Calvin LaboratoryCalvin Laboratory
0342Cambus Maintenance FacilityCambus Maintenance FacilityCMF
0068Campus Recreation and Wellness CenterCampus Recreation and Wellness CenterCRWC
0462Cannon-Gay HouseCannon-Gay HouseCGH
0455Carver Biomedical Research BuildingCarver Biomedical Research BuildingCBRB
0359Carver PavilionCarver PavilionRCP
0464Carver River Research and Education FacilityCarver River Research and Education FacilityCREF
0374Carver-Hawkeye ArenaCarver-Hawkeye ArenaCHA
0272Catlett Residence HallCatlett Residence HallCAT
0174Caywood ApartmentsCaywood ApartmentsCA
0384Cedar Rapids CenterCedar Rapids CenterCBCR
0118Center for Disabilities and DevelopmentCenter for Disabilities and DevelopmentCDD
0003Chemistry BuildingChemistry BuildingCB
0400Children's HospitalChildren's HospitalSFCH
0314Chilled Water Plant 1Chilled Water Plant 1CWP
0308Chilled Water Plant 2 (West)Chilled Water Plant 2 (West)CWP2
0379Clinton Street BuildingClinton Street BuildingCLSB
0425College of Medicine Administration BuildingCollege of Medicine Administration BuildingCMAB
0106College of Pharmacy BuildingCollege of Pharmacy BuildingCPB
0075College of Public Health BuildingCollege of Public Health BuildingCPHB
0375Colloton PavilionColloton PavilionJCP
0016Communications CenterCommunications CenterCC
0466Continuing Education FacilityContinuing Education FacilityCEF
0522Cottage 12 - 13Cottage 12 - 13
0516Cotton CottageCotton Cottage
0044Currier HallCurrier HallC
0048Danforth ChapelDanforth ChapelDC
0276Daum HallDaum HallD
0278Dental Science BuildingDental Science BuildingDSB
0134Dey HouseDey HouseDH
0128Duane Banks FieldDuane Banks FieldBASE
0401Eckstein Medical Research BuildingEckstein Medical Research BuildingEMRB
0212Emergency Power Facility 1Emergency Power Facility 1EPF1
0407Engineering Research FacilityEngineering Research FacilityERF
0196English-Philosophy BuildingEnglish-Philosophy BuildingEPB
0461Entrepreneurship Learning LaboratoryEntrepreneurship Learning LaboratoryBELL
0076Environmental Health and Safety Office No. 2Environmental Health and Safety Office No. 2EHS2
0077Environmental Health and Safety Office No. 3Environmental Health and Safety Office No. 3EHS3
0176Environmental Health and Safety Office No. 4Environmental Health and Safety Office No. 4EHS4
0085Environmental Health and Safety OfficeEnvironmental Health and Safety OfficeEHS
0241Environmental Management FacilityEnvironmental Management FacilityEMF
0081Faculty Art StudiosFaculty Art Studios
0505Faculty DuplexFaculty Duplex
0286Field Hockey Event Management BoxField Hockey Event Management BoxFHEM
0287Field Hockey GrandstandField Hockey GrandstandFHG
0040Field HouseField HouseFH
0499Figge Art MuseumFigge Art MuseumFIGM
0280Finkbine ClubhouseFinkbine Clubhouse
0323Finkbine Golf Cart HouseFinkbine Golf Cart House
0187Finkbine Golf Club HouseFinkbine Golf Club HouseFGCH
0335Finkbine Machine ShedFinkbine Machine ShedFMS
0337Finkbine Maintenance BuildingFinkbine Maintenance BuildingFMB
0332Finkbine Pump House 1 (Older)Finkbine Pump House 1 (Older)FPH1
0333Finkbine Pump House 2 (Newer)Finkbine Pump House 2 (Newer)FPH2
0296Finkbine Restroom NorthFinkbine Restroom North
0295Finkbine Restroom SouthFinkbine Restroom South
0432Finkbine ShelterFinkbine Shelter
0338Finkbine Shop FacilityFinkbine Shop FacilityFSF
0442Finkbine Storage FacilityFinkbine Storage FacilityFST
0267Fleet ServicesFleet ServicesFS
0397Football Practice Facility BuildingFootball Practice Facility BuildingFPFB
0031General HospitalGeneral HospitalGH
0013Gerdin Athletic Learning CenterGerdin Athletic Learning CenterGALC
0038Gilmore HallGilmore HallGILH
0140Glenn Schaeffer LibraryGlenn Schaeffer LibraryGSL
0530Green Motel 3 (Units 210-217)Green Motel 3 (Units 210-217)
0015Halsey HallHalsey HallHH
0120Hancher AuditoriumHancher AuditoriumHA
0395Hansen Football Performance CenterHansen Football Performance CenterHFPC
0293Hardin Library for Health SciencesHardin Library for Health SciencesHLHS
0468Hawkeye Fan ShopHawkeye Fan Shop
0071Hawkeye Oral Surgery ClinicHawkeye Oral Surgery ClinicHOSC
0438Hawkeye Parking Service BuildingHawkeye Parking Service Building
0444Hawkeye Recreation Service BuildingHawkeye Recreation Service BuildingHRSB
0457Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation ComplexHawkeye Tennis and Recreation ComplexHTRC
0494Health Care Logistics Management CenterHealth Care Logistics Management CenterHLMC
0298Health Care Support Services BuildingHealth Care Support Services BuildingHSSB
0112Hillcrest HallHillcrest HallH
0186Hoak Family Golf ComplexHoak Family Golf ComplexHFGC
0389Hope LodgeHope LodgeHOPE
0220Hospital Parking Ramp 1Hospital Parking Ramp 1HPR1
0403Hospital Parking Ramp 2Hospital Parking Ramp 2HPR2
0412Hospital Parking Ramp 3Hospital Parking Ramp 3HPR3
0433Hospital Parking Ramp 4Hospital Parking Ramp 4HPR4
0165Housing Services ComplexHousing Services ComplexHSC
0373Hydraulics Annex 1Hydraulics Annex 1HA1
0440Hydraulics Annex 2Hydraulics Annex 2HA2
0358Hydraulics East AnnexHydraulics East AnnexHLEA
0381Hydraulics Model AnnexHydraulics Model AnnexHLMA
0420Hydraulics Wave Basin FacilityHydraulics Wave Basin FacilityHWBF
0393Hydraulics Wind Tunnel AnnexHydraulics Wind Tunnel AnnexHWTA
0317IT Distribution CenterIT Distribution CenterITDC
0467ITS Switching FacilityITS Switching FacilitySFF
0266Independence Road AnnexIndependence Road AnnexIRA
0290Information Technology FacilityInformation Technology FacilityITF
0213Institute for Rural and Environmental HealthInstitute for Rural and Environmental HealthIREH
0418Iowa Advanced Technology LaboratoriesIowa Advanced Technology LaboratoriesIATL
0370Iowa Geological Survey - OakdaleIowa Geological Survey - OakdaleOIGS
0301Iowa KidSight OfficeIowa KidSight OfficeIKS
0183Iowa Memorial Union Parking RampIowa Memorial Union Parking RampIMUR
0046Iowa Memorial UnionIowa Memorial UnionIMU
0193Iowa River Landing EastIowa River Landing EastIRLE
0190Iowa River LandingIowa River LandingIRL
0059James Street LaboratoryJames Street LaboratoryJSL
0300Jefferson BuildingJefferson BuildingJB
0004Jessup HallJessup HallJH
0248John Deere Davenport WorksJohn Deere Davenport WorksJDDW
0446Karro Athletic Hall of FameKarro Athletic Hall of FameKHF
0506King LaboratoryKing Laboratory
0042Kinnick StadiumKinnick StadiumKS
0489Kirkwood Regional CenterKirkwood Regional CenterKRC
0369Kuhl HouseKuhl HouseKH
0540LaMair HouseLaMair House
0060Lagoon Shelter HouseLagoon Shelter HouseLSHS
0514Lakeside Lab LibraryLakeside Lab LibraryLLIB
0132Landscape Services ComplexLandscape Services ComplexLSC
0155Latino-Native American Cultural CenterLatino-Native American Cultural CenterLNAC
0054Laundry Building (Old)Laundry Building (Old)LB
0437Law, Health Policy and Disability CenterLaw, Health Policy and Disability CenterLHPD
0434Levitt Center for University AdvancementLevitt Center for University AdvancementLCUA
0485Liberty SquareLiberty SquareLS
0502Limnology LabLimnology Lab
0316Lindquist CenterLindquist CenterLC
0191Lot 11 Parking Attendant BoothLot 11 Parking Attendant Booth
0192Lot 3 Parking BoothsLot 3 Parking Booths
0367MNRA - Archery Range ShelterMNRA - Archery Range ShelterMNAS
0325MNRA - Boat House StorageMNRA - Boat House StorageMNBH
0427MNRA - Educational Center and Storage BuildingMNRA - Educational Center and Storage BuildingMNEC
0328MNRA - Nature LodgeMNRA - Nature LodgeMNNL
0411MNRA - Restroom FacilitiesMNRA - Restroom FacilitiesMNRR
0366MNRA - Sailboat StorageMNRA - Sailboat StorageMNSS
0419MNRA - Storage BuildingMNRA - Storage BuildingMNSB
0324MNRA - Storage Shed BMNRA - Storage Shed BMNST
0368MNRA - Well ShelterMNRA - Well ShelterMNWS
0023MacLean HallMacLean HallMLH
0008Macbride HallMacbride HallMH
0512Macbride LaboratoryMacbride Laboratory
0160Madison Street Services BuildingMadison Street Services BuildingMSSB
0513Mahan HallMahan Hall
0503Main CottageMain CottageLLMC
0136Main LibraryMain LibraryLIB
0533Managers ResidenceManagers Residence
0391Mayflower HallMayflower HallM
0034Medical Education BuildingMedical Education BuildingMEB
0447Medical Education Research FacilityMedical Education Research FacilityMERF
0028Medical LaboratoriesMedical LaboratoriesML
0064Medical Research CenterMedical Research CenterMRC
0182Medical Research FacilityMedical Research FacilityMRF
0469Melrose Day CareMelrose Day Care
0525Mess hallMess hall
0474Methodist Medical Plaza IIMethodist Medical Plaza II
0436Mossman Business Services BuildingMossman Business Services BuildingMBSB
0435Multi-Tenant FacilityMulti-Tenant FacilityMTF
0067Myriad Technology Plaza FourMyriad Technology Plaza FourMTP4
0057Myriad Technology Plaza OneMyriad Technology Plaza OneMTP1
0069Myriad Technology Plaza TwoMyriad Technology Plaza TwoMTP2
0439National Advanced Driving Simulator BuildingNational Advanced Driving Simulator BuildingNADS
0443Newton Road RampNewton Road RampNRP
0515North Bath HouseNorth Bath House
0422North Campus Parking and Chilled Water FacilityNorth Campus Parking and Chilled Water FacilityNCP
0035North HallNorth HallNH
0322Nursing BuildingNursing BuildingCNB
0424Oakdale 69kV SubstationOakdale 69kV Substation
0413Oakdale Biology GreenhouseOakdale Biology GreenhouseOBGH
0256Oakdale Chilled Water PlantOakdale Chilled Water PlantCWPO
0409Oakdale Microwave TransmitterOakdale Microwave Transmitter
0321Oakdale Power Plant SubstationOakdale Power Plant SubstationOPPS
0305Oakdale Research FacilitiesOakdale Research FacilitiesORF
0242Oakdale Shops Building AOakdale Shops Building AOSBA
0243Oakdale Shops Building BOakdale Shops Building B
0246Oakdale Shops Building COakdale Shops Building C
0291Oakdale Shops Building DOakdale Shops Building D
0244Oakdale Storage K (Bat Cave)Oakdale Storage K (Bat Cave)
0230Oakdale Studio AOakdale Studio ASTUA
0239Oakdale Utility Power PlantOakdale Utility Power PlantOPP
0252Oakdale Well HouseOakdale Well HouseOUWH
0055Obermann Center Obermann Center CHST
0517Office BuildingOffice Building
0012Offices of State Board of RegentsOffices of State Board of Regents
0001Old CapitolOld CapitolOC
0222Old Museum of ArtOld Museum of ArtOMA
0510Pammel LaboratoryPammel Laboratory
0025Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery BuildingPappajohn Biomedical Discovery BuildingPBDB
0430Pappajohn Business BuildingPappajohn Business BuildingPBB
0482Pappajohn Education CenterPappajohn Education CenterPEC
0421Pappajohn PavilionPappajohn PavilionJPP
0121Parklawn HallParklawn HallPARK
0329Parklawn WarehouseParklawn Warehouse
0449Pearl Softball FieldPearl Softball FieldSS
0275Petersen Residence HallPetersen Residence HallP
0106-CTPharmacy Building Construction TrailerPharmacy Building Construction Trailer
0006Pharmacy BuildingPharmacy BuildingPHAR
0184Phillips HallPhillips HallPH
0330Physiology Research LaboratoryPhysiology Research LaboratoryPRL
0465Plaza Centre OnePlaza Centre OnePCO
0458Pomerantz CenterPomerantz CenterPC
0431Pomerantz Family PavilionPomerantz Family PavilionPFP
0052Power PlantPower PlantPP
0039Presidents ResidencePresidents ResidencePR
0460Pride Alliance CenterPride Alliance CenterPAC
0257Psychological Research Cedar RapidsPsychological Research Cedar RapidsPBCR
0189Psychological and Brain Sciences BuildingPsychological and Brain Sciences BuildingPBSB
0233RVAP BurlingtonRVAP BurlingtonATB
0232RVAP KeokukRVAP KeokukMSK
0231RVAP Mt. PleasantRVAP Mt. PleasantCOS
0156Rainbow Day CareRainbow Day CareBWCC
0304Recreation BuildingRecreation BuildingRB
0382Research Park Landscape ServiceResearch Park Landscape ServiceRPLS
0273Rienow HallRienow HallR
0536Rierson HouseRierson House
0496Ronald McDonald HouseRonald McDonald HouseRMCD
0157Sand Road Service BuildingSand Road Service BuildingSRSB
0002Schaeffer HallSchaeffer HallSH
0019Sciences LibrarySciences LibrarySL
0022Seamans CenterSeamans CenterSC
0011Seashore HallSeashore HallSSH
0123Shambaugh HouseShambaugh HouseSHSE
0511Shimek LaboratoryShimek Laboratory
0410Shipping and Receiving FacilityShipping and Receiving FacilitySRF
0531Shop NorthShop North
0537Shop SouthShop South
0274Slater HallSlater HallS
0288Soccer Event Management BoxSoccer Event Management BoxSEMB
0504South Bath HouseSouth Bath House
0115South QuadSouth QuadSQ
0181South WingSouth WingSW
0188Spence LabsSpence LabsSLP
0289Sports Medicine ClinicSports Medicine ClinicOSMR
0277Stanley HallStanley HallSTAN
0024Stanley Hydraulics LaboratoryStanley Hydraulics LaboratorySHL
0079Stanley Museum of ArtStanley Museum of ArtSMA
0497State Historical Society BuildingState Historical Society BuildingSHSB
0026State Hygienic LaboratoryState Hygienic LaboratoryHLI
0523Stone cottage 10Stone cottage 10
0524Stone cottage 11Stone cottage 11
0526Stone cottage 6Stone cottage 6
0527Stone cottage 7Stone cottage 7
0534Storage ShedStorage Shed
0020Stuit HallStuit HallSTH
0426Substation L Control BuildingSubstation L Control Building
0390Substation USubstation USUBU
0538Tamisiea HouseTamisiea House
0227Technology Innovation CenterTechnology Innovation CenterTIC
0219The Mary Jo Small Child Care Center at Brookland WoodsThe Mary Jo Small Child Care Center at Brookland Woods
0394The Sprout HouseThe Sprout House
0050Theatre BuildingTheatre BuildingTB
0383Towncrest CenterTowncrest CenterTCC
0406Track StorageTrack Storage
0029Trowbridge HallTrowbridge HallTH
0345UI Aircare Maintenance FacilityUI Aircare Maintenance FacilityACMF
0063UI Bioventures CenterUI Bioventures CenterBVC
0173UI Health Care - North Iowa CityUI Health Care - North Iowa CityNDC
0177UI Health Care - Scott BoulevardUI Health Care - Scott BoulevardOTV
0493UI Mizzou BarnUI Mizzou BarnMOSB
0309UIHC Centralized Emergency Power Generation FacilityUIHC Centralized Emergency Power Generation FacilityEPGF
0476UIHC Highland Court StorageUIHC Highland Court Storage
0417UIHC Integrated Services CenterUIHC Integrated Services CenterISC
0072University Capitol CentreUniversity Capitol CentreUCC
0365University Hygienic Lab - AnkenyUniversity Hygienic Lab - AnkenyHLA
0450University Services BuildingUniversity Services BuildingUSB
0203Van Allen HallVan Allen HallVAN
0090Visual Arts BuildingVisual Arts BuildingVAB
0147Volatile StorageVolatile StorageVS
0125Voxman Music BuildingVoxman Music BuildingVOX
0014WSUI Transmitter BuildingWSUI Transmitter Building
0539Waitt LaboratoryWaitt Laboratory
0185Water PlantWater PlantWP
0195Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource CenterWaterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource CenterINRC
0198Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing CenterWendell Johnson Speech and Hearing CenterSHC
0346West Campus Steam PlantWest Campus Steam PlantWCSP
0318West Campus Transportation CenterWest Campus Transportation CenterWCTC
0508Wood ShopWood Shop
0175Woolf Avenue Court ApartmentsWoolf Avenue Court Apartments