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2017 Building Coordinator Series

*BC meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Next Meeting
November 16, 2017
11 a.m. - noon or 5-6 p.m.
Iowa Theatre, IMU

October 2017 -- Pappajohn Business Building
BC Updates
Building and Landscape Services Org Changes – Julie Sychra and Tom Moore, Org Chart
Hancher Footbridge Design and Construction Schedule – Adam Cannon, slides 6 -11
Waste and Recycling- PBB Waste Audit- Beth MacKenzie and Dave Jackson
Recycling Tip of the Month: Recycle Right, Always Recycle Cardboard!

September 2017 -State Hygienic Laboratory
BC Updates
Preparing for Cardboard Ban at Iowa City Landfill, Jen Jordan
Emergency Management,
Floyd Johnson
Hot Work Prevention Program & Training, Josey Bathke/Camille Walters

August 2017- Old Capitol Senate Chamber
BC Updates
Feature Presentation, UI Distribution Systems
Download the digital display, "Recycle LIke a Hawk"

July 2017 - Pappajohn Business Building
BC Updates and Feature Presentations, including Building & Landscape Services Updates, Andy Bruckner and Custodial Updates, Design Standards, Utilities Updates and Outdoor Space Reservations

May 2017 - Voxman Music Building
BC Updates and Feature Presentation - Announcements, FDD (see slide deck below), Food Truck Task Force Updates, Outdoor Space Reservations, Riverwalk Detours, and the Feature Presentation on Utilities Updates: Water Quality, Steam Capacity, Chilled Water Capacity - Ben Fish
Fault Detection and Diagnostics Initiative Update,
Katie Rossman and Tom Moore
Watch recorded video of the meeting

April 2017
BC Updates and Presentations- Hancher Footbridge, Building Curtailment, Moving Crew Updates, and Move-Out
Catlett Residence Hall - Rory Wiebel
Feature Presentation: FM Budget Plan, Don Guckert
Watch recorded video of the meeting

March 2017
BC Updates- Power Outage Update (slides 4-6), Water System Update (slide 7), Recyclemania Contest (slides 8-9), Recycling Contamination (slides 10-18)
Feature Presentation: Risk Management - Josey Bathke and Kerry Campbell (slides 19-36)
PowerPoint Presentation
Watch recorded video of the meeting

February 2017
BC Updates - BC Survey Results, Water Notification Update, UI Budget Video, RecycleMania Contest, Dockside Recycling and Waste, Building Operating Systems: Professor K. W. Therm

January 2017
BC Updates and "Big Data’s Impact on Facilities Operations," by Don Guckert and Katie Rossman
Watch recorded video of the meeting

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